Good oral hygiene starts with simple steps

Good oral hygiene is not something you stumble upon. It takes planning, preparation, and diligent attention to make sure the teeth you were born with stay in your mouth. Human teeth are not like a starfish’s legs. They do not grow back. If you lose a tooth, or multiple teeth, the only way to recover from that is to have surgery to implant artificial teeth. This takes time, money, and in some cases pain. Why not take care of the teeth you were born with and avoid all that? Some simple steps anyone can take will ensure you have your teeth for your entire life.

What should you be doing?
For starters brushing your teeth every morning and evening is a fantastic way to get ahead in the battle to save your teeth. Several minutes in the morning and evening time can avoid painful surgery down the road. Frequent brushing after meals makes certain you are doing the most basic thing to help obtain good oral hygiene.

Flossing is also a fantastic tool in the fight against tooth decay. Flossing gets into those hard to get places that brushing cannot. Flossing makes sure stubborn food particles that harbour bacteria known to aid tooth decay doesn’t stick around.

Variety is the spice of life
In the area of floss and tooth brushes you have a variety to choose from. Brushes come in a variety of bristle stiffness depending on how sensitive your gums are. Generally a soft brush is recommended so that gums are not irritated. Floss comes in a wide variety as well from waxed to unwired and flavoured too. Which type of floss or tooth brush depends on personal preference but you should consult with your dental hygienist for advice concerning which type or style might be best for you.

Toothpaste also comes in a wide range of flavours and types. One of the things you should check in toothpaste is the addition of sugar. Some brands help the taste of their product by adding sugar. This seems counter intuitive given it is the very sugary foods we are avoiding to help improve our oral hygiene. Simply reading the ingredient label on the toothpaste will tell you which brands to avoid.

Of all the things you can do, brushing, flossing, avoiding sugary foods, regular visits to the dentist are by far the best preventative measure we can take. Make sure you see your dentist once every six months regardless of need. They are the best person when it comes to how to take care of the teeth in your mouth. Simple steps can ensure you keep the teeth you have your entire life. Why not start taking them today?


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