How Impotence affects Men

Impotence is a problem that all men face at one time or another. In fact, up to 5 percent of men over age 40 are currently facing an impotence and erection problems issue. This number often increases with age. One of the most serious problems with impotence is that many men feel ashamed to speak with their medical provider about this very personal topic, but this can be a very dangerous thing to do. While impotence is a normally occurring condition, it can also appear as a symptom of any number of much more serious diseases.


Being unable to perform sexually because of impotence can leave men with feelings of inadequacy or even humiliation. Erection problems can cause feelings of humiliation and embarrassment for many men. When things don’t go as planned, men can question their very manhood instead of blaming the true cause of the problem; a treatable medical condition. Wallowing in self-pity or ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. It is more likely that impotence will worsen over time rather than become better.
Impotence can be caused by many things. It is known that men who make poor nutritional choices are far more likely to experience impotence than those who eat healthy foods. It is also known that men who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer with impotence. Another factor that can lead to impotence is the overconsumption of alcoholic beverages. Too much regular consumption of alcohol is a key element of many impotence diagnoses.

While targeting the aforementioned areas may provide some relief in many cases of impotence, it is important to see a doctor in the case of a sustained period of impotence. Whether the impotence is sporadic or continuous; if it lasts longer than several days, a visit to the doctor is in order.

Doctors are able to determine the specific cause of impotence and provide treatment for it. This treatment can take the form of simple lifestyle changes or the use of medication. Modern medicines mean that almost no one need suffer from untreated impotence.
While it may be tempting to try over-the-counter medicines for impotence, these medicines all work in very different ways. Depending on the cause of impotence, the last thing that a man needs is a “sexual enhancement” pill. These pills can aggravate impotence and the underlying causes of this condition.

The good news is that impotence no longer needs to be a chronic condition. Modern medical care is quite capable of treating this condition. All curing impotence takes is a little bravery on the part of patients in discussing this problem with their doctor.


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