Symptoms of Blood Clot

Human body is a complex machine and has its own complicated mechanism. Heart is a vital and subtle organ in human body, which is responsible to pump blood and transfer it to other organ of the body. Blood is a fluid that contains all the nutrients and minerals absorbed by the body. All the organs absorb these nutrients through bloodstream. If the bloodstream experiences any hindrance due to clots or injuries, it may bring severe consequences as the organs may be deprived of the nutrients and minerals.

Now you may be surprised about what exactly a blood clot is, or what causes blood clots? Blood clot or thrombus is a semi-solid mass formed up of blood cells that usually form when a blood vessel is damaged. However, other than damage there may be some times, when blood clots form. This is when it is an alarming condition, and needs medical intervention to immediately treat the condition.

Blood Clot Symptoms:

Blood clot has various symptoms associated with it and these signs and symptoms depend upon the area being affected by the clot formation. Blood clots can be serious to cause life-threatening condition. Usually, if the thrombus forms in arteries supplying the purified blood to vital organs of the body, a life-threatening condition may arise. Following are some common symptoms of thrombus formation:

  • Deep vein thrombosis is a severe condition wherein the blood clot forms in the deeper veins of the body, usually in the legs. This condition can further be devastating as blood clots in deeper veins are prone to break off and then travel in the bloodstream.If blood clot is struck up in the blood vessels of the lung it can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing up blood, palpation, and chest pain
  • If a blood clot is caused in coronary arteries, it may hinder blood supply to the heart and may cause symptoms that of a heart attack. Similarly if arteries of the brain are affected, stroke can be the most common symptom. Thrombus affecting arteries of the legs can cause peripheral vascular disease.
  • If atrial fibrillation occurs which is characterized by thrombus formation along the wall of atrium, and it affects bowel arteries, patients may present signs such as rectal bleeding, bloody stool, bleeding in the urine, and vomiting blood with clots in it.
  • Blood clots appearing in the arms or legs can cause discoloration of the skin, bluish red colored skin, warm sensation of the area, swelling and pain or tenderness.

Blood clots can also affect brain, eyes, and other surface veins of the body. Signs of thrombus formation may change accordingly. Thrombus formation in the surface veins is not as critical as that of blood clots in deeper veins of the arms or legs.

Blood clot symptoms should be carefully paid attention to and are candidate to differential diagnosis. Should you experience any of the above given signs and symptoms, seek immediate medical attention to treat the condition. Immediate treatment can avoid any fatal consequences of thrombus.

Author Bio: My name is Lords Screw, I have written many informative articles on this website which is related to Health and with this article I have shared my ideas about “Symptoms of Blood Clot”. Hope you like them and it helps you to explore your ideas.


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  2. Blood clots are sometimes dangerous. Any blood clots in the body should always be evaluated by the doctor.
    Warmest wishes

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