Exercises to do in the Office

Some of us have to stay in the office for long periods of time and any break we get is our lunch break. However, while you’re filing some papers, sending out emails, or doing any of your other duties you can do these simple exercises to get you toned through the day and get you results in matter few weeks.
• Wrist stretch- Extend one arm out, palm up and grab your fingers with the other hand. Pull your fingers toward you to stretch that forearm. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on other side. If you are constantly writing or on the computer this serves as a stress reliever for your bones, muscles, and ligaments.
• Lower back stretch- Sit tall and place your left arm behind your left hip. Gently twist to your left and use your right arms to assist you in a deeper stretch. Hold for 20 seconds repeat with right side. One of the most common pain complaints is lower back pain. Perform this stretch every time you begin to get uncomfortable in your chair. It releases stress along the spine, arms, and shoulders.
• Leg extension- Before you do this make sure your chair is sturdy. If your chair has wheels make sure you are against the wall. Sit tall and using your abs extend the left leg until it’s leveled with your hip. Hold for 3 seconds, lower and repeat for 16 reps. Repeat on other side. Your legs suffer a lot when sitting for long period of time. By keeping your legs constantly bent or in a non motile way for long periods of time can cause leg pain, cramping, and circulation loss. Do this and it will wake up your legs and get your circulation going.
• Inner thighs- If you have a water bottle or coffee cup on hand place it in between your thighs and squeeze. Do 16 reps. Your thighs are always the ones that never get attention. Do these inner thigh squeezes to waken up your thighs since they are the ones holding it all together.
• Dips- Move your hips in front of your chair and bend your elbows lowering yourself until your elbows are at 90 degrees then push yourself back up and repeat 16 reps. This is a great arm work out and it also works your abs as you will naturally tighten them with each rep.
• Bicep curls- Grab something relatively heavy. Not anything that’s more than 3 pounds. Hold your item in your right hand and using your abs and spine, curl the items towards your shoulder. Do 16 reps. Repeat on other side. We all love a little toning. Do these curls with a light item and go heavier as you become accustomed to the weight of your object.
• Side bends- Hold you’re an item just like the above and stretch it over your head, with your arms straight. Gently bend to the left but don’t over stretch! Come back to your center and repeat on the right. Do 10 reps. Side bends release tension a lot of the muscles in your abdominal region and posterior region.
If you feel any discomfort, pain, or anything unusual while performing these exercises you should consult your physician. Don’t push yourself further than your body can take because this causes most injuries also, stretch daily to help any soreness and prevent injuries.
Jeff covers health topics for the Term Life Insurance blog because better health helps you save money on life insurance premiums.


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