Common Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming a trend in today’s world. While traditional dentistry usually focus on oral hygiene and the prevention of oral diseases, cosmetic dentists focus in improving the overall appearance of the person’s mouth, teeth, as well as the smile. Going through cosmetic dental treatments can provide a major change on anyone’s personality and social behaviour.

Cosmetic dentists aim to bring back the smile as well as the lost shine of the patients’ teeth. This is where smile makeover treatment comes out into the scene. The treatment is being done by conducting a comprehensive assessment of smile aesthetics to improve the overall appearance of their smile. More often than not, smile makeover will consist of two or more cosmetic dentistry treatments in order to achieve the most favourable result. Treatments include but are not limited to dental implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening, and gingival sculpting. These treatments are being done for most teeth in both the lower and upper arches to reach the kind of look that they want. Once raynesway dental found out that there is a need to go through necessary treatments due to functional problems such as with their muscles, bite, teeth, and bone structures, they might advise them to undergo full mouth reconstruction. Once diagnosed, there are several materials that cosmetic dentists can use in order to provide patients with clinically sound, durable, and functional treatments.

Aside from the smile makeover and full mouth reconstruction treatment, there are other kinds of cosmetic dentistry treatments that most people can choose from. One of them is the indirect fillings wherein inlays and on lays are made from composite materials or porcelains. This type of treatment provides long lasting effect being done to tooth with mild tooth decay or any kind of similar structural damage. Traditional dental fillings are commonly moulded into place within the mouth area during a visit to the dentist but with the introduction of cosmetic dentistry, inlays and on lays are made from a dental lab before being fitted into place.

Another type of cosmetic dentistry treatment is the dental implants. These are synthetic replacements of the tooth root which are used as part of the prosthetic dentistry to compensate for the lost tooth. Normally, the result of tooth or dental implants is favourable because aside from enhancing the patients’ smile, this treatment also provides more youthful glow and look. This treatment can only be done once cosmetic dentists diagnosed the need for going through this type of procedure.

Indeed, cosmetic dentistry treatments are becoming more and more prominent in almost all countries. There is a great demand for teeth restoration as well as teeth reconstruction. As technology continuously invades several aspects of the human’s life, it is also through technology that cosmetic dentistry is being nourished and improved. Older procedures were reinvented and this reinvention proved to do better and perform more effectively when it comes to the final outcome of the treatments. If you are one of those people who suffer teeth or mouth problems, you can simply look for dependable cosmetic dentists to discuss your needs.


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