Gourmet Coffee – Caffeine with Perks!

In the last 10 years…almost by stealth Gourmet coffees – a la Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso have become a part of our daily consumerist exercise regime haven’t they?

But – would you believe, that if you were to enjoy a medium cappuccino each day of your working year, you would be indulging in, to what many would consider 60,000 hidden calories, assuming you go for the non skinny option!

Hmmm food for thought eh?!

Now, as ever, a balanced healthy diet means mixing it up a little…! And so the immediate and simple advice would have to be perhaps be to consider alternating your devilish cappuccino with a pious meek and mild Americano the next time you trip into your local gourmet coffee heaven!

Boring I know…but we are animals of habit and I for one love the perk and spring to my step which caffeine from freshly ground beans injects into my hard wiring!

So where is the good news? Well, there is plenty actually and it is all centred on the heady and sensuous essence which is perfetto Espresso….. The heart of every Cappuccino, Latte and Americano…

There is a steady stream of research studies that support and pro pound the modest consumption of 3 > 5 coffees a day, as part of a mixed and healthy diet and activity plan

Gourmet coffee, by which I specifically mean fresh coffee, either from whole beans, or roast and ground, regardless of whether decaffeinated or not (although I for one want my full fat caffeine combo please!) is not only hydrating but also thought to be something of a panacea…

Reducing the incidence of cancers such as prostrate and oral cancer

Reducing cholesterol levels

Preventing plaque and tooth decay

Protecting against gout

Contributing to the reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure

Reducing the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver, the onset of type 2 diabetes and the risk of Parkinson’s disease and dementia!

Assisting pain management -hence why many over the counter preparations now contain caffeine

Increasing cognitive performance and particularly short term recall ability

Helping to encourage a lower incidence of gallstones and gallbladders diseases

And if all that weren’t enough to keep your caffeine addled brain going – Fresh coffee is also the no 1 source of antioxidant in the diets of most of those in the developed world…!!

Many other foodstuffs have higher antioxidant levels per serving, but it is the increased consumption rate of coffee which puts coffee at the top of the health promoting list!!

Good news at last then! Style driven consumerist heaven which is actually doing you some good… !
Ok forgetting about the damage to your purse… and of course the ethical and accredited dilemma… one for further contemplation over my personal favourite an espresso macchiato!


Guru ( Andy Grelak) writes for Aromo Coffee – They are coffee experts focussed on providing convenient and tasty ways for the caffeine addict to take their medicine. Aromo supplies excellent ESE Coffee pods and superlative Senseo pods, both of which offer the espresso and filter connoisseur a no mess, no fuss, super fresh and environmentally conscious method to make stunning coffee…


8 thoughts on “Gourmet Coffee – Caffeine with Perks!

  1. Hey Nitin,
    I’m a medium (or large depending on how tired I am!) double double with a hazelnut shot kind of guy. Great blog, interesting stuff about cappucinno’s and coffee’s. Good to meet you and thanks for following my blog, hope you enjoy them!

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    1. Coffee can protect our body away from many disease may attack. It also has many benefit to make us healthier.. so keep it up..

  3. Para mí es una buena noticia, ¡me encanta el café! y lo tomo recién molido, gracias por compartir, abrazos

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