Agnus Castus: An Alternate Herbal Treatment for Women who Experience the Symptoms of PMS

Approximately 80% of menstruating women claim to experience at least 1 symptom of Premenstrual Syndrome each month, but many women, but many women are not aware that PMS is an actual medical disorder- not just a colloquialism coined by men to describe a woman’s mood before and during her period. PMS may not be taken seriously because there are so many symptoms claimed to be associated with the disorder that almost every woman can relate to at least one. These symptoms may not interfere with a woman’s life to the point where she finds the need to see a doctor. Studies show that PMS is actually only present in approximately 5% of women or less. What men and women don’t realize is that for an actual disorder to be present, the symptoms must interfere with the sufferer’s functioning and quality of life on some level. Because Premenstrual Syndrome can cause serious distress each month for some women, doctors have responded with two modern medicinal choices: anti-depressants (SSRIs) and synthetic hormones like oestrogen and progesterone. Both of these treatment options come with numerous side effects that mimic the symptoms of PMS itself like mood swings, breast tenderness, anxiety, and headaches. Perhaps there are benefits to taking an herbal supplement like Agnus Castus to reduce the presence of symptoms without increasing the number of side effects.

Agnus Castus Helps Naturally Reduce the Physical and Emotional Symptoms of PMS:

Women who have PMS experience both physical (other known as somatic) and emotional (affective) symptoms. In general, most women report the emotional and psychological symptoms of PMS to be the most insufferable and interfere with daily life before and during their cycle. Luckily, Agnus Castus has been shown to reduce some of the emotional symptoms women rate to be the worst such as depression, anxiety, confusion, inattention, agitation, and insomnia. Agnus Castus can also reduce impeding physical symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, and breast tenderness. Although Agnus Castus is a natural supplement, it can still take time to become effective in alleviating the symptoms of PMS like medications but without the side effects.

Herbal Remedies Like Agnus Castus Take Time to Build-up in the Body Similar to Medications for PMS but Do Not Cause the Same Side Effects:

Anti-depressants such as SSRIs can take 6-8 weeks before a person experiences any medicinal benefit. While SSRIs build up in a person’s system, the FDA warns users to be aware of increased ideation or risk of suicide- particularly in teens and young adults. Some people experience negative side effects of anti-depressants such as nausea or increased anxiety almost immediately and cannot even stay on a medication long enough to see if it can be beneficial. Hormones like oestrogen and progesterone can cause interactions with other medications and may also produce side effects similar to both the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS. The only negative aspect of Agnus Castus is that it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months before you see an improvement in symptoms. Even though Agnus Castus is available over the counter without a prescription, you should always consult your doctor before making any changes in lifestyle. Otherwise, Agnus Castus has been given the green light as a safe way to fight off symptoms of PMS.

About the Author: Paige One enjoys writing about a variety of topics, from fashion, to fitness, to health! Find Agnus Castus and relieve your symptoms of PMS!

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