Proper Drug Abuse Solutions and Easy Effective Treatments

Introduction of our classes

In our world, there are three main stages of class of people. We had easily separated them like rich class, middle class and poor class. These classes are separated in many years ago by our ancestors. These classes were created according to their work but today the concept of class is already changed. Sometimes some problems are created by these classes. There are many problems about political, educational, residency, meal and foods, health and fitness etc in our society. Rich people who have lots of money and assets, they have no objection about various issues and problems or crises. They can afford all the things easily using money and financial support. Poor People haven’t enough money to get primary things easily. They can’t able to afford every thing. There is remaining only middle class. Middle class people are employees or small business owners. They do efforts to live in their regular life. Many problems and issues are connected with middle class.  Generally they are affected by health and fitness problems.

Introduction of Drugs

1.       List of Drugs

Generally every body is taking medicines, tablets and pills of various diseases. These medicines, pills and tablets are including in drugs. These are generally taken for get good health and fitness. But some drugs are taken only for mind altering effects. Drugs are taken for a non medical reasons or non therapeutic effects. These types of drugs are very dangerous and harmful for our health and fitness as well as expensive in the cost. Here are given the list of drugs. E.g. Alcohol, Club Drugs, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Fentanyl, Heroin, Inhalants, LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana, MDMA, Opium, Whiteners, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Methamphetamine, PCP-Phencyclidine, Anabolic Steroids, Tobacco Nicotine, Barbiturates, Methaqualone, ketamine etc. These drugs are taken by smoked, snorted, chewed, swallowed or injected.

2.       Who are Drug abusers?

Many of them are banned in major cities or states. Nobody is used without permission of the doctors. We can easily find many drug abusers, drunkards, smokers around us. Many youngsters, high profile women, old person, many sports persons and some beggars are using drugs. Many of them are belonging middle class family. Many educated and well known persons are also taking drugs as a habit to come out from personal pressure, high work load, stress, tensions, panic attacks, loneliness etc.

3.       Sign of Drugs

We all are human and saving life of others is our first duty. If we are sick or suffering from other diseases, we must have to care ourselves. There are many signs to detect the person if he/she is addicted to the drugs. These signs are given here Mood swings, Depression, Poor motor coordination, Change in sleep patterns, irregular heartbeat, Poor hygiene and illness, impaired thinking, hyperactivity or overtired, insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, muscle tension, teeth clenching, increased heart rate, daily coughs and phlegm, hypothermia, brain damage and death.

4.       Awareness programs

Bring that person to the medical center of health care center and diagnose first. There are many medical drug tests available to detect the person if he/she addicted to the drugs e.g. Urine drug test, Blood drug test, Hair drug test, Saliva drug test etc. Sometimes these medical centers and health care centers are providing various medical camps and seminars for drug abusers. Attend or Take part in these seminars and camps. There are also having some natural therapies which may have little bit costly than the other therapies but it may very useful for health and cure without taking any medicines.

Many non government organizations, government institutions and other societies are working as a narcotic anonymous or alcoholic anonymous in every countries and states for drug abusers and drug awareness programs. You can join with them. 

Good health is real wealth

If you really need to take medicines, take necessary medicine with the proper prescription and permission of the doctor. And avoid drugs. Try to stay away from the drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy foods and unnecessary medicines. Eat good and healthy food and drinks plenty of water in a day. You must have to drink more than eight glasses in a day. You must have to do some useful exercises, meditation and yoga few hours in the early morning. Play games and sports with your children or spend some extra time with your family members. Read some good books and try to increase your hobbies.

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About the author:

This guest post was written by Owen Hyde. He is a casual bloggers and a content writer on a variety of topics including health, beauty, fashion, travel, shopping, footwear, technology etc.

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