The 5 Main Causes of Yeast Infections

A yeast infection can cause a sufferer more discomfort and pain than they ever imagined. When you’re dealing with a yeast infection you may experience symptoms in various different areas of your body. It’s not uncommon to feel some pain within the lower area of your abdomen and then a while later begin to feel a burning sensation in totally different parts of your body.

This shifting of yeast infection symptoms is caused by the foods you eat that are passing through your digestive system. The Candida albicans fungus causes a yeast infection and this fungus lives inside your intestines and during the digesting process the Candida feeds at various areas inside the digestive tract. Since the yeast fungus is feeding in various areas of the intestine you’ll experience symptoms at various points on the body.

It’s important to learn what really causes a yeast infection so you can have a better understanding on how to avoid chronic infections and live yeast free. Below you’ll find the 5 main causes of a yeast overgrowth.

Weak Immune System

An immune system that has been weakened stands no chance at keeping the Candida fungus from feeding on the body. When your immune system has been weakened for whatever reason your body’s defenses will struggle to fight back. Things that can cause a weakened immune system include birth control pills, antibiotics, steroids, cortisone, poor diet, poor nutrition, stress, alcohol abuse, smoking, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, some kind of illness like diabetes.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes like mood swings or puberty can definitely lead to the candida fungus overgrowing in your body. Other hormonal changes like pregnancies, PMS, and hormonal based medications can cause a yeast infection.

All of these things will create the perfect environment for the yeast to feed and begin to overgrow quickly. Since female’s hormone levels are always fluctuating it makes them much more vulnerable at catching yeast infections than men.

Incorrect Diet

A poor diet will almost always guarantees you are going to fall victim to catching a yeast infection. Your Candida overgrowth will just get worse if you eat any kind of simple sugars like maple syrup and molasses. Sugar isn’t a direct cause of a yeast infection but it will cause the overgrowth to become ten times worse.

You should also stay away from soft drinks since they have a high amount of sugar content. Also, avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages and eating foods rich in refined carbohydrates. When you follow the proper diet you will strengthen your immune system and your instestinal protection making yourself yeast free.

Eating a lot of white flour products, pasta, and white rice can also cause the yeast fungus to continue to grow in huge numbers. Believe it or not, but yeast infections can easily lead to nutritional deficiency if you don’t eat right.

Lack of Digestive Enzymes

You need to keep your stomach operating at it’s optimum level so it can produce enough digestive juices to break down proteins, starches, and create a atmosphere that will keep the yeast fungus from getting to the lower intestine. The digestive juices the stomach produces will eliminate the yeast cells made up of sugars.

So when you have a lack of digestive juices in your intestines you’re pretty much giving the yeast cells the green light to take over your body. To keep the production of digestive enzymes and acids from becoming weakened you need to stay away from eating processed foods and sweets. Processed foods like hamburgers pollute the liver which eventually weakens your stomach’s digestive system.

Lack of Friendly Bacteria

The friendly bacteria found in your system is responsible for keeping the yeast causing bacteria under control. The friendly bacteria also improves proper digestion, getting rid of food we consume, keep our intestines clean of mucus, and fight off invading unfriendly bacteria like yeasts and other parasites that can cause harm.

When your intestines are healthy and operating at it’s best level there are many friendly bacteria. There are many different types of bacteria living inside our bodies but we need the friendly bacteria because they create a acidic environment that the yeast fungus cannot survive in.

Whenever you want to stop a yeast overgrowth you need to try your best to increase the amount of friendly bacteria in your system. One of the best ways to re-introduce the friendly bacteria back into your body is to consume some acidophilus.

You can find acidophilus in many different forms such as capsule, liquid, powder, and tablet. You can even go to your favorite health food store and pick up some acidophilus drinks. Unsweetened yogurt is probably the most popular source of the friendly bacteria acidophilus. You can also replenish the good bacteria in your system by eating more fermented foods like sauerkraut.

Well there you have it, these are the 5 main causes of a yeast infection. Once you focus on improving these five areas you’ll increase your chances of getting rid of your yeast infection and keeping it from coming back.

Author John Maddox is an experienced health writer and environment enthusiast. You can learn more about yeast infection treatment at his website by clicking here.


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