Healthy Eyes For Ladies

Using cosmetics is a great way to make yourself look and feel more glamorous; however, whether you use make-up every day or just on special occasions you should always use it safely to ensure you do not damage your skin or eye area. The eyes in particular are very delicate and if you experience any irritation, such as itchy or sore eyes after applying make-up, you should remove it immediately. Here are some tips for using eye make-up safely.


Always wash your hands before applying make-up to avoid transferring germs from your hands to your eyes. Keep all your equipment clean by washing mascara wands and make-up sponges regularly in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry them thoroughly before using again. Bacteria can quickly build up inside mascara bottles and eye shadow pallets. Never share eye make-up with others as you will be transferring bacteria to each other. Make-up that is more than four months old will contain high levels of bacteria and should be thrown away.

Safe storage

Keep your make-up in a cool, dry place. Storing items somewhere humid, such as a steamy bathroom or in direct sunlight, creates perfect conditions for bacteria and fungi to grow. It will also reduce the life of liquid make-up by drying it out too much. Never be tempted to moisten dried out make-up with water or saliva; again, this can introduce harmful bacteria to the make-up, which you are then transferring to your eyes.

Following instructions

Always follow instructions for make-up application and only use make-up on the area for which it is intended. By using a pencil as both a lip and eye liner you can transfer harmful bacteria to the eye area. Many blushers are not intended for use as an eye shadow and, along with bacteria transfer, they may contain ingredients which could irritate your eyes. Never apply eye liner to the inside of your lower eyelid, as it will wash directly onto the surface of your eye. It may also block your tear ducts, causing your eyes to dry out.

Careful application

Whilst make-up may be intended for the area around the eye, it can cause damage if it gets into your eyes. Always make sure you apply make-up according to the instructions on the packaging. Never rush to apply eye make-up. Taking your time will not only help you avoid getting make-up in your eye, it will also look much better. Avoid applying make-up whilst in a car or public transport, as a sudden stop could cause you to badly scratch the surface of your eye.

At night

You should always remove all make-up before you go to sleep. It is particularly important to remove eye make-up, as eye shadow, liner and mascara can work their way under your eyelids as you sleep, causing irritation.

Always wash your hands before removing your eye make-up and follow the instructions for removal that are printed on the make-up packaging. Waterproof mascara in particular may need a special eye make-up remover to take it off. Never use harsh soaps around the eye area. Rinse your face afterwards to get rid of any remnants of make-up remover. As well as protecting your eyes by removing make-up at night, you need to let your skin breathe. Pores clogged by make-up can cause greasy skin, spots and blackheads.

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