What You Need To Know About Sudden Weight Gain In Women

Weight gain could be problematic and embarrassing for some. Specifically, it is troubling if it suddenly occurs and there is nothing you could do about it. A lot of women have gone through weight gain in a brief time period with no significant change in their everyday activity. The following are possible reasons for sudden weight gain in women.


One major reason for sudden weight gain in women are medications. Various medications which women are taking regularly (this includes anti-depressants, birth control as well as diabetes medications) could cause one to gain weight. When you are on the search for a reason, do check all the prescription drugs which you are consuming and assess if one of its side effects is due to weight gain.


Sudden weight gain in women could be due to pregnancy. The body stores a lot of nutrients as well as retain water thus causing one to gain weight. This seems to show up quick and is usually difficult to work off after one’s pregnancy. Do consult with your doctor or utilize an EPT in order to know if your weight gain is due to pregnancy.


This condition is common and could be the reason for sudden weight gain in women. Such a condition is due to hormone deficiency in the thyroid thus triggering a build up of fat as well as water retention. The end result is unexplainable rapid weight gain. A face that is swollen as well as chronic weakness are other signs of hypothyroidism. If you believe you have this condition, go to your doctor in order to be properly treated.

Water Retention

Women are very much familiar with the sensation of being bloated which comes along with menstruation. Water retention is usually common and could be a cause for sudden weight gain in women. Still, do not simply blame water retention as merely an issue caused by your pregnancy. Water retention might be due to serious conditions such as failure of your kidneys to function properly. Do acquire the opinion of your doctor.


Those who are reaching the age wherein menopause occurs, this condition could be the reason for sudden weight gain in women. When menopause arrives, the body experiences many changes. One such change is having weight on the midsection and far from the hips since such a woman is way past the usual age of childbirth.

Change in diet

As much as possible, do not discount the obvious. A lot of people make modifications in their diets without their conscious knowledge. Do see if you have been consuming various foods or if you have an eating habit that could have altered your physical routine.

The most excellent way to know the root cause of sudden weight gain in women is to check your doctor. A physician could run various tests as well as blood work to assess and diagnose your specific condition. When attempting to know the reason of your weight gain, do assess any of your lifestyle changes. Conditions such as depression, stress and stopping smoking can change the way your physical body functions.

About the Author
Greg does work with Walnut Hill OBGYN–a women s clinic Dallas area women trust. They offer a wide range of services to treat women in all areas of their life.


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