Opportunities and Career in beauty profession

Over the period of human history people are becoming more and more conscious with their looks and spending more time and resources to make sure they look good and attractive. In a recent survey it was found that the normal consumer is spending about 20% of his total earnings on their appearances and his looks. Significant amount of their spending go to salons where they take care of their hair styling, their skin, their nails style etc.

Over the last 2 decade fashion and beauty is one of the most underrated profession. Career opportunities in this profession continue to grow organically at a rate of 10% YoY according to recent survey by Pew research. Similarly salary also grew by 5% YoY, even in this economy. There are quite a few schools in this field helping people developing the skill-set to become cosmetologists, hair dressers, nail technicians, skin care specialists and massage therapists. One of the good schools in the field is Beauty Schools of America; where I got my degree from.

While I think Beauty School of America is one of the best; there are still other good schools. While selecting your school, these are the questions you need to ask.


  • Is your school accredited?
  • Are books and other supplies included in the tuition?
  • Does your school offer financial aid? How do you apply?
  • Can you schedule a tour?
  • Do you offer full-time or part-time classes?
  • How long does it take to complete the program?
  • Is the timing flexible?
  • Are there co-op program?
  • How is the career service?
  • What is historical placement rate?

Once you are done with your college. You may be wondering on career prospects in the Beauty and Fashion industry. Career in beauty industry are for the people who have something creative inside them; and who are very comfortable working with people. As cosmetologists you can expect your earnings to increase, but the real upside is when you open your own saloon. Other career opportunities include becoming sales representatives or image consultants. You can also decide to teach in barber and cosmetology schools.

If you want to make your career in beauty industry; you have to start with admission in good school. There are several good names. Beauty school of America is one of them; they are highly professional Beauty Schools of America Complaints are extremely rare. They recently launched a new website – http://www.bsa.edu/.

Some of the older schools in this field are regency academy, empire beauty school etc. While choosing a good beauty school you should look for a few things:

  • Preparing Students to Pass Cosmetology Board Exams
  • Beauty School Accreditation
  • Providing Business and Professional Training
  • Quality of Hands-On Student Salon
  • Cosmetology Teachers Active in the Industry

This career is not for everybody; if you have the heart and passion then go for it. Good Luck!!!

2 thoughts on “Opportunities and Career in beauty profession

  1. Amazing facts & nice information. I am beauty conscious & I visit this blog more often. It provides me really good beauty related tips.

  2. I really like it whenever people get together and share ideas.
    Great site, continue the good work!

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