Regaining female confidence in the modern day

In modern western society it is difficult to feel confident as a woman. It seems as though we are constantly bombarded with images of ‘perfection’ that seem impossible to live up to. Even the least shallow women have found themselves obsessing with their looks, their figures and even their personalities. It is alarming how many women find themselves striving to be like these celebrity women who hold the image of ‘perfection’. The media is to blame with its constant display of what it thinks all women should look like. However, it is hard to escape the photoshop techniques of glossy magazines that are setting these unrealistic targets to normal women. But we must also pity the women who are victims of photoshop because when they are spotted looking anything less than ‘perfect’ they are scrutinised for it. As women we need to understand that these images forced upon us are not entirely real and we need to understand that real women are those that we see face-to-face on a daily basis. We may not all be ‘perfect’ but we are all beautiful.

My personal opinion is that we should revert back to the glamour of being natural which was so apparent in bygone days. If we look through history we will see that stick thin, big haired, made-up women were not always viewed as beautiful. Take for example the romantic depictions of the goddess Venus particularly in 15th Century artwork, which show Venus to be a real woman. By real woman I mean boobs, thighs, hips and even a stomach. This is what the image of perfection once was. I think we should take much notice of perfection being in the natural rather than the cosmetic.

However, we don’t even need to look as far back as 600 years ago. It was only at the beginning of the 20th Century that the most popular image of women was the pin-up girl, and this lasted through to the mid-20th Century. Recent studies have shown that the reason for this is because the western world was in great depression, what with both world wars, and that men find comfort in my curvaceous ladies during times of stress. This is why in recent years, since our current financial depression, that more curvy girls have started to be favoured again.

Yet, if this is the case, why do women obsess about their weight so much? If we are born with hips and boobs then we should learn to love them as much as we once did. Marilyn Monroe was far from being a size 0 model; in fact Monroe would have worn a UK 12, which is a fairly average size amongst British women today, and she is still recognised as being one of the most beautiful women who ever graced the earth.

Learning to love your curves after so many years of being made to look at super slim models with very little about them being natural may be difficult. However, there are ways. The art of burlesque is a fantastic confidence builder and helps women to understand their sexy potential. Burlesque uses womanly curves to its own advantage. Burlesque doesn’t aim to hide the bad bits of a woman’s body, but to show off the good bits! Individuality is also a key to be a fantastic burlesque performer. Rather than looking like a magazine clone, burlesque celebrates the individuality of each person. Of course you are not going to be Dita Von Teese straight away, but there are hundreds of classes out there to help you become a sexy, confident burlesque super star. Courage to show off your beautiful curves is the key to picking up the moves quickly.

To me it seems amazing that this old fashioned dance is what is restoring thousands of modern women’s faith in themselves every year. It does seem very important that to learn to love ourselves again women need to revert back to our roots and understand that being natural is sexy!


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