Why It’s Critical to Warm Up Before a Workout

Before partaking in any intense and prolonged physical activity it is vital that you prepare your body beforehand.  This can be accomplished through low to moderately intense activities to get your heart rate up followed by a few minutes of stretching.  Skipping your warm up phase can result in injury and reduced performance and so in order to get the best out of your workouts you cannot afford to miss out on this critical phase.

You Will Be Able To Perform At Your Best.

Delving right into a workout without having sufficiently warmed up will make your workouts less effective because you will not be able to perform at your best.  It takes time for nutrient rich blood to reach muscle cells which is what low intensity cardiovascular exercises help to accomplish.  Skipping, jumping, cycling or walking are great ways to prepare your body for intense physical activity by providing muscle cells with the oxygen, ATP and other nutrients it needs.  Your muscles will therefore have the necessary nutrients it requires to perform intense physical activity beforehand allowing you to workout at full strength.

Alleviate Stress on Your Heart and Lungs

A further reason to warm up before intense physical activity is to alleviate the stress on your heart and lungs brought about by a dramatic increase in heart rate and breathing when you do not warm up sufficiently.  Though this might not unduly affect a reasonably healthy person the consequences could be deadly for someone who is overweight, elderly or has a history of heart or breathing problems.

Reduces Chance of Muscle Injury

Finally, not warming up sufficiently will not allow sufficient liquid to be produced between connective tissues to allow for maximum range and cope of movement of your muscles during intense exercise therefore placing oneself at risk of injury.  Any extreme physical movement should therefore not be attempted right off the bat because you need to condition your body for such exercise.

Final Thoughts

Any sensible exercise programme has to take into account sufficient warm up if you are to perform at your best.  A few minutes of low intensity cardiovascular exercises followed by dynamic stretching is generally an ideal way to kick off your workouts.  Therefore, for better health and a better body make sure that you warm up sufficiently.

Chris Brown is a 25 year old fitness enthusiast who blogs at Gain Build Muscle

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