Make the Most of Your Total Hip Joint Replacement

Hip replacement has become a popular surgery worldwide for getting rid of problems, such as hip pain and discomfort. If you have recently opted for total joint hip replacement, chances are high that your doctor has already advised you regarding post-surgery care.

However, if you think that it is fine if you follow these strategies only for a few months post the surgery, you are mistaken. To enjoy a pain-free life, it is crucial that you make certain permanent changes in your lifestyle as well. Here are a few lifestyle changes you should consider after you have gone through hip surgery.

Stick to a Healthy Lifestyle

Most doctors agree with the fact that obesity causes a wide range of problems. Since you have already undergone one surgery, it is advisable that you stick to a healthy lifestyle to avoid future complications.

For best results, opt for whole-wheat products, fruits, nuts, lean protein, and vegetables. Also, continue with the exercise regime that has been recommended by your doctor. Research suggests that regular exercise helps you to cope with post-surgery recovery in better ways and allows a patient to avoid future risks.

Consider the fact that losing weight or sticking to your ideal weight will put less pressure on your knees, thus allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this surgery.

Stick to Recommended Postures

Relearning postures after a surgery can be quite daunting initially. Of course, with time and practice, you will get used to these postures. For the best results, avoid returning to your old postures once the recovery phase has passed. The reason is that post any surgery, your body changes and it is better to stick to the recommended postures to avoid future complications.

Take Care, while putting up Your Feet

Putting up your feet occasionally is critical for reducing swelling. However, to avoid pressurizing your knees and hips, avoid putting up the feet suddenly. In the same way, do not lean forward suddenly. If you need to lean, try to put down your feet first.

Avoid placing your Thighs near Your Chest 

This is another critical strategy that you should follow lifelong. Remember that in any situation, the angle between your thighs and chest should be at least 90 degrees. If you bend your replaced hip excessively, it may lead to dislocation.

Undergoing total hip joint replacement is a serious decision. Therefore, it is important that you make the most of your decision. Follow these recommended strategies permanently and you will enjoy a life of good health.

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical care or medical advice and is not a replacement for medical care given by your physicians or trained medical personnel.

Author Bio

Dr. Zehr is a medical specialist who is well-experienced in total hip joint replacement. Apart from advising patients regarding the surgery, he also tells them to follow a healthy lifestyle so that they can avoid risks and future complications.


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