Top Ways to Energize Yourself by Healthy Eating

People as cars need some fuel to live, work and relax. Without fuel they can be exhausted and die forever. Healthy food is a great fuel for our body as it is a supplier of all necessary nutrients. I should notice that not all fats can be useful for the body, some of them (saturated fats are high in sweets, fried meal and other fast food) can be harmful and cause many consequences for your health such as weight gain, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, sexual problems and other ones. Bad fats are stored for a long time in the body and don’t have a good impact on chemical reactions, otherwise it takes lots of time to come out these fats and they can lead to obesity.

Healthy food has lots of energy that needs for our good functioning. We know that energy in food has its measurement – calories. The daily standard of energy is 1500-2000 calories. If you take more calories it can cause many problems (obesity).

You are tired and hungry and you want to eat something delicious to feel full. Most of people consume junk food that is high in simple sugar and doesn’t give you much energy for the whole day. Vice versa you will get hungry soon. To take more durable energy you should eat complex carbohydrates. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are crammed with them. The difference between simple and complex carbohydrates is important for healthy living as the first one are high in processed food, fruit juices, honey and etc and they are quickly absorbed in your bloodstream what makes your body feel hungry. Complex carbohydrates are time-consuming and give more energy for well-being.

In order to keep your body in tone, boost your digestive and immune systems and get enough energy it is indispensable to eat healthy food. Here are simple ways to eat for energy:

1. Consume as many as possible proteins and complex carbohydrates. As it takes much time to digest them you will get more power and energy for the whole day. Fruits, veggies, berries, whole grains and fish are rich in these substances.

2. Never be hungry and thirsty. Don’t make your body frazzled and light-headed, in particular, when you do physical exercises. Keep the hydration level for health. Drink 7-8 glasses of water. If you get hungry, have a bite (apple, banana or some vegetable salads). Stick to your daily plan. Eat many times but take small portions.

3. Don’t eat junk food like sweets, semi-finished foods, soda and fried meal. They have lots of saturated fats and simple sugar that can provide you with energy for a short period of time and extra weight.

4. Lean meat has many good fats. Fish (tuna, salmon, sardines), chicken, beef and other lean meat have many good fats as Omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Stop using stimulants. Try to reduce an amount of caffeine and tobacco as it can hamper your brain functioning and can lead to your energy crash.

6. Get more fiber and antioxidants. Nuts, citrus, beans, brown rice and veggies are charged with fiber and antioxidants. They can balance the sugar level.

If you really take care of your health, learn to balance your food. Consume more complex carbohydrates, fiber and proteins. Don’t skip your breakfast and snacks. Get hydrated and avoid bad habits.

Irina Carter is the author of the site where you can get a valuable run-down about online pharmacies and healthy articles. She loves writing about men’s health, supplements, nutrition, fitness and beauty. She is a medical writer for 3 years. She is really interested in healthy lifestyle and medicine.


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