Five Important Things to Know Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

It’s an oft-repeated phrase that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Facts could tell, indeed. Research shows that students who eat breakfast tend to perform better in school compared to those who don’t. After sleeping at night and waking up with an empty stomach, there could be no better way to start your day than to fill your tummy to recharge and boost your body. Indeed, a plate of nutritious, healthy, and fulfilling breakfast will do so much to make your day not only complete, but also productive.

So, why shouldn’t you skip breakfast? Here are the five things that you should know about what breakfast could do to your day and your wellness.

1. Eating Breakfast Helps Maintain the Right Weight

Eating more means weighing less. At least, that’s when you eat your breakfast. According to research, individuals who always eat breakfast tend to maintain a healthy weight. This is because breakfast maintains the metabolism while skipping meals causes it to slow down and switch to ‘starvation’ mode, instead. Likewise, those who make breakfast a daily habit are also found to make excellent choices of what food to it throughout the day.

2. Breakfast improves your metabolism

Since you have fasted the whole night, it is normal for the blood glucose level to drop in the morning. That is why, you need to eat something to restore the energy and get it back to normal. Remember that the body is in constant need of energy to keep it going, but at night, when we are sleeping, it endures the longest period of not taking anything to reenergize. So, to keep your metabolism at its best, you need to eat something 2 hours after getting up to give your body a long-lasting energy boost.

3. Breakfast benefits the health in many ways

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,, skipping breakfast for a long period of time could adversely affect the body’s cardio-metabolic health. Researchers have discovered that those who eat breakfast everyday have slimmer waistlines and low fasting insulin and cholesterol levels, compared to those who frequently skipped their first meal.

4. You perform better when your stomach is full

Productivity has also something to do with a full stomach. It’s really true that a hungry man is an angry man. Observe employees who haven’t eaten their breakfast and you’ll see them slow to move, irritable, and unproductive at the end of the day. The same is true with students who skip breakfast. Eating breakfast can change this and you’ll immediately feel a high surge of energy that will keep you wanting to do your work and stay attentive most of the day.

5. Eating breakfast gets you on the right mood.

Studies show that eating breakfast has a huge impact on switching a person’s mood for the better. Indeed, what better way to start the day right than to eat right. Munch a healthy breakfast and you’ll have carry that great mood—and appetite—right until lunch. In fact, you’ll find yourself picking something healthy and fulfilling for lunch if you make the best choices of meal for breakfast.

So, when you wake up tomorrow, don’t forget to take that first bite—or even plate—to gear yourself up and keep you going throughout the day.

About the Author –  Manilyn Moreno is a writer and caterer for Better Cater. She has written several articles on how to take care of our health, tips and recipes on preparing healthy foods and outdoor activities.  You can also read cooking and catering tips on Better Cater’s  blog. 


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