Tips on How Exercise Can Help You Manage Stress

Stress is a mental condition which arises mostly as a result of tension, and is also brought on by various other factors. Due to the fact that stress can give rise to some several physical as well as mental issues, it must be effectively controlled. Exercise is one such way to do this. If you want to be conversant on how exercise can be a great way to reduce stress, then keep reading this.

In our daily lives, there are many stressful situations that we come across which make it hard for an individual to have a stable mind. Work, finances, family, personal concerns, among others, are usually considered as the major factors that cause stress. Let us now have a look at how exercise can assist a person in managing his or her stress.

Tips on How Exercise Can Help You Manage Stress

The following are the various exercise forms that can help an individual in managing stress.

Tip#1: Meditation

Meditation is one fitness routine that is greatly believed by many individuals to relieve stress. There are some various meditation techniques which have proven useful in relieving stress. One of the many benefits of meditation in connection with stress is that it assists in releasing tension thus bringing stability to the mind.

Tip#2: Deep BreathingExercises

Deep breathing is an excellent and effective stress management exercise. It is often included as part of yoga workouts. It is ideal for the sake of your overall body fitness. Irregular and shallow breathing is usually experienced when an individual is stressed. It is thus ideal that in case you are stressed, you concentrate on your breathing patterns and try to get in some regular deep breathes.

Tip#3: Kickboxing

Kickboxing is another brilliant fitness workout that can help you relieve stress, frustration and tension. The good thing when you adhere to this fitness routine is that you’ll not only be knocking your stress out but you’ll be burning a good number of calories in your body as well.


Zumba is a cardio workout fitness routine that is usually blended with variety of the Latin dances. Basically, the electrical Zumba moves will definitely lower your stress level. With fierceness in your eyes and a smile on your face while performing this form of dancing, you’ll surely get rid of the stress.

Tip#5: Taking a Brisk Walk Daily

You should note that stress normally promotes the production of some certain chemicals such as adrenaline in an individuals’ body. Such chemicals can easily increase your blood pressure and thus channel blood flow to your extremities and away from your internal organs where oxygen is required for cell growth and renewal.However, if you undertake a brisk walk on a daily basis around your house, you’ll keep your stress levels down and the production of such chemicals will not take place.

Last but not least:In addition to the aforementioned fitness routines to relieve stress, you should also undertake other measures that can assist in relieving stress as much as possible. For instance, you should have your work planned and organized appropriately, have a healthy lifestyle and also a balanced diet to reduce stress.


Julie Kennington is the owner and operator of Drenched Fitness a fun, group focused fitness center with a ‘club like’ atmosphere in Westlake Village, California.  She and  the trainers at Drenched Fitness provide practical weight loss, get fit and get active tips each week on the Drenched Fitness Blog.

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