Greasy Meals to Evoke Stroke

burgtriple-chili-cheese-burgerWhat is stroke?

Stroke is a medical condition that is typically presented with symptoms such as problems with the memory, losing the ability to speak, or paralysis of one side of the entire body.   This is caused by a sudden death of brain cells accounted to the insufficient oxygen supply.  The lack of oxygen may either be accounted to an obstruction in the blood flow or rupture in an artery that supplies blood to the brain.

Stroke has two types, namely:

  • Ischemic stroke

This is the most common type of stroke.  It accounts up to 75% of all strokes.  This occurs when a thrombus, or blood clot, is formed at any part of the body and a part of it chips off, called embolus, and becomes free-floating in the blood stream.  The embolus is then carried around by the blood and clog up an artery that supplies blood into the brain.

  • Hemorrhagic stroke

This stroke occurs in two ways.  Subarachnoid hemorrhage happens when blood from a vessel on the brain’s surface ruptures and fills in the gap between the brain and the skull.  This is commonly caused by aneurysm or the abnormal formation of blood-filled pouches that sprout from the weak spots found at the walls of some arteries.  The rupture of aneurysm are most commonly caused or worsened by high blood pressure.

Cerebral hemorrhage occurs when a defective artery ruptures and fills its surrounding tissues with blood.

The effects of stroke would vary depending on which part of the brain is affected and how much damage it caused.  Smaller strokes may lead to minor problems, such as muscle weakness in the arms or legs.  These strokes may not present symptoms but cause damage to some brain tissues.  Larger strokes, on the other hand, can lead to more serious problems such as paralysis and even death.  In most cases, stroke leaves it victims paralyzed in one side of the body, problems in their specking skills, incontinence, and problems in bladder control.

What are greasy foods?

Greasy foods are ones high in fat and calories, but any food can be greasy.  A fish that has all the nutritional value important to the body can lose all the advantages when fried in oil.  Oil makes food greasy because of its high counts of fat and calorie.

Fats are not all unhealthy.  In fact, fat is important in our diet.  These are a good source of calories, which provide energy for the body.  Aside from its linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, content it also aides in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.  However, not all fats are healthy.

Saturated fats are the kind of fat that solidify at room temperature.  These are generally derived from red meat, eggs, and dairy products.  Liver and seafood are also good sources.  These may also be derived from plant-based sources, such as palm, palm kernel, and coconut oils.  Saturated fats are known to raise total and bad (LDL) cholesterol levels.

Stroke and greasy foods

In a study conducted in 2003, there was not enough evidence to support that high fat diet can cause stroke.  However, high levels of saturated fat were directly linked to cause heart attacks.  These findings, nonetheless, should not be used as a license to not to limit the consumption of high-fat diets.  This is because many stroke patients die of heart complications.

Years later, another study was conducted on the risk of stroke in high-fat diets.  The study though was focused on the risk of women to develop the disease.  It showed that 44% of women that ate most fat were more prone than those who ate less—this, after taking into account other risk factors, such as weight, race, smoking, exercise, and the use of alcohol, medication drugs or other hormone pills.  The study also showed a strong suggestion that 30% of women at a greater risk of stroke are those who ate more trans fat, such found in foods like crackers, cookies, fried foods, and stick margarine.

How to stay healthy

Aside from doing regular exercise, keeping a healthy lifestyle also means eating smart.  Moreover, when we talk about having a healthy diet, it doesn’t mean you should avoid the calories and fats in food.  Though these can add up to your waistline and potential causes of heart disease and stroke in the future, calories and fats are important for the body’s function.  They are energy fuels for the body.  The key here is to limit the intake.  Also, refrain from saturated fats.

But eating healthy is not only about restricting yourself to healthy foods.  It’s also about choosing the kind of food that best fits your preference and lifestyle, and being over-all happy about yourself.  A healthy lifestyle means keeping the right balance.

About the Author:

Irina Carter is the author of the site:  Viagra for women where you can get a valuable run-down about ways of men’s problems and its medications. She loves writing about men’s health, supplements, nutrition, fitness and beauty. 

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