Tips for Preventing Ankle Sprains

Whether you are a professional athlete or a casual walker, you can be susceptible to ankle sprains and other injuries if you don’t properly protect your body when you are on the go. Ankle sprains are especially common among people with active lifestyles, but they can be easily avoided with a few simple precautions. The level of protection your feet and ankles need really depends on the amount of exercise you get on a daily basis and its intensity. Athletes who play a competitive sport need a higher level of protection than people who like to hike on the weekends. Make sure that you take your routine and age into account before you decide on the best protection method for your body.

Ankle protection starts at the shoes. One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying sneakers that are not meant for moderate or intense exercise. It’s true that athletic shoes can be very expensive, but they are well worth the investment. Comfortable sneakers that are specifically designed for people who play sports or exercise regularly are instrumental in preventing ankle and feet injuries. They can even protect your knees from damage and swelling by alleviating pressure and providing support. How you wear your shoes can also make a big difference in protecting your body from injuries. Loosely tied shoes can cause you to trip and fall or accidentally twist your ankle.

Besides checking for loosely tied shoes, make sure that you warm up before working out. Stretching and light exercises can improve your strength and prepare your muscles for playing sports, working out at the gym or walking outdoors. If you are still recovering from a previous injury, wear ankle braces for extra support. Remember to ask your doctor for advice if this is your first time working out after suffering an ankle injury.

Try to work on improving your muscle strength a few times each week. Doing resistance exercises and working with weights will increase your muscle mass and make your body less susceptible to minor injuries. To avoid stressing your body out, keep your strength workouts to two or three short sessions a week. Keep in mind that some people are naturally more susceptible to injuries than others. If you used to play sports when you were younger, you might have weaker ankles due to previous injuries. Stick to light exercise if you feel sore and in pain after intense workouts. Talk to your doctor about ankle braces to find out if wearing them can help you reduce pain and minimize the risk for ankle injuries. When you are exercising, remember to always listen to your body to avoid injuries and overtraining.

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