7 Best Foods For Joint Health

untitledAs the holidays end and we get deeper into winter it is important to dress warm and maintain our health. The cold can have a harsh effect on the joints and as we start to feel it more as we get older. In addition to dressing warmly, a consistent diet of joint friendly food will go a long way to keep you walking smoothly into your elder years.  Here are seven foods that can help:

1.    Salmon
An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is great for maintaining healthy cartilage to cover our joints and protect our bones from rubbing against one another. The abundance of protein also helps repair muscles around your joints so they don’t suffer any unnecessary stress if you consistently exercise.
2.    Apples
The cartilage that surrounds our joints is made up the fibrous protein, collagen. It helps to absorb shock from years of impact and pounding on your joints. Apples contain an abundance of the antioxidant, quercetin, which builds and maintains collagen. The skin of apples contains the quercetin, red apples in particular.
3.    Cherries
Inflamed tissue is most susceptible to injury. Cherries are a great natural anti-inflammatory because they contain a large amount of flavonoids. Adequate rest and a few extra cherries a day keep arthritis away.
4.    Nuts
Almonds, Brazil nuts, peanuts, you name it. Nuts are rich in vitamin E which serves to protect the outermost membrane of joint cells. Brazil nuts in particular carry selenium, one of the most powerful antioxidants there is.
5.    Yogurt
Not only is yogurt good for your immune system, but your joints as well. Eating more yogurt helps your body become better at absorbing nutrients, especially calcium. Calcium is excellent for maintaining strong and healthy bones.
6.    Broccoli
The infamous green vegetable none of us want to eat when we are young really is one of the best things for us. The sulphorafane in broccoli helps boost our immune system and keeps defensive tissues around our joints from deteriorating as we age. This is in addition to vitamin A, B, C, E, K calcium, and protein this little green food has to offer.
7.    Black Beans
Fiber of cartilage and bodily tissue in us is made from amino acids. Amino acids come from protein of which every bean is rich in. Black beans however, have a little extra something that benefits our joints called manganese, a very important mineral for healthy joints. Like cherries, apples, and nuts, black beans also carry a variety of anti-oxidants.

Whether we are ten or ninety, riding our bikes or riding rollators these foods can help enrich our joints and thus enrich our lives. The most important thing of all is consistency. Eating these foods once a week will not have nearly the same effect as making them apart of your daily diet. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore with these delicious foods but there are other join-friendly options out there. Find out what works best for you and stay healthy.

Ken Stanfield is a writer, blogger, and health enthusiast who spends his time researching and writing about health care, geriatric healthcare needs, and humanitarianism. He currently writes for the rollator supplier justwalkers.com

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