Why Sugary Foods Like Raw Honey Are Good For You

honey-pots1When it comes to sugary foods we always think they are bad for us. Were continually told by doctors and other health care practitioners that we should stay away from all the different types of sugary foods. When they say stay away from sugary foods I have a hard time understanding what they mean. Do they mean avoid foods that contain sucrose and raw honey? Do they mean just avoid foods that contain high fructose corn syrup? Do they mean that they want you to even avoid fruit? They may say that sugary fruits are bad for you but what about fruit? Fruits are also sugary. Doctors continually blame sugars like sucrose for causing all the health problems were seeing in our culture but all the food that we are eating contains high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is really the problem in our culture. Doctor’s should be advising their patients to avoid this additive. High fructose corn syrup is widely known by many to be extremely bad for you. If you actually saw how they made high fructose corn syrup you would never eat this substance ever again. If you want to put sugar on your foods raw honey is your best option. There are many people who use things like Stevia which is acceptable but it doesn’t contain the many benefits that raw honey does. Raw honey contains a very important nutrient called fructose. Unlike what most people say fructose is an excellent regulator of blood sugar. Fructose is very good for stimulating metabolism. When you stimulate your metabolism you not only regulate your blood sugar but you also regulate digestion and energy levels. You can see how including more fructose in your diet could help you in many different ways when it comes to your health.

We have so many people now being diagnosed with diabetes. Doctors continually tell their patients to stop eating so many sugary foods. These people eliminate sugar from their diet but still struggle with diabetes. This is because doctors fail to understand the benefits of the right types of sugars in a person’s diet. Sugar of the right type can actually help regulate blood sugar. You can help someone recover from diabetes by getting them to consume raw honey. Of course there’s more depth to diabetes then just the consumption of raw honey. People need to be eating the right ratios, frequencies and timing of meals. People need to get more sunlight and avoid the toxic blue light that is all around us. There is much more depth to the complexities of a disease like diabetes then a diet change like the incorporation of raw honey. You want to consume raw honey with the right amounts and right types of protein and fat. It’s not just about eating spoonfuls of honey. It’s about the right ratios of micro nutrients. We look at most people dietary logs they have very poor food frequency. Most people eat maybe one meal a day or two at the most. People do a terrible job timing their meals. They will eat breakfast and then have a very late dinner. People eat wide ranges of micro nutrient ratios and because of this have no idea what it’s like to feel good. It’s really think that this is a shame. If you never find out what your micro nutrient ratio needs are then you’ll never know what it’s like to feel your best. You’ll have people who eat a huge amount of carbohydrates and very little protein then complain that they feel tired. They don’t realize that it’s because of the wrong micro nutrient ratios of their meal.

I know that saying that raw honey is good for you is controversial and there have been a lot of people that are going to argue with me about this. People are going to tell me that there’s tons of studies which show the dangers of fructose. This is true but all the studies done give these animals huge amounts of fructose without enough protein and fat. It’s all about the right ratios. If you ate a meal with protein and fat and some carbohydrate then had raw honey into that meal. You would notice a huge increase in body temperature in comparison to not consuming raw honey. This is because raw honey is pure sugar and is a great source of fructose. It’s all about balance and if you and eat the right balance of micro nutrient ratio’s. You will see a huge spike in your health for the positive. Raw honey is digested very quickly and easily making it low on its ability to breed endotoxin. Things like undercooked or uncooked beans and vegetables are very bad because the breed a lot more endotoxin. This is because cellulose is quite hard to digest. When you breed endotoxin you cause the body to produce more lactic acid. Lactic acid will slow down your metabolism which will lead to blood sugar problems. This will make a person that has diabetes much worse. It’s interesting how our culture focuses so heavily on vegetables as being something that is very healthy. The reality is if you eat undercooked or uncooked vegetables you actually cause a lot damage. Make sure that if you consume vegetables you cook them very well. Raw honey is nice to use because you don’t have to cook it. You can have some raw honey with a steak and some coconut oil. That would be acceptable balance of micro nutrient ratios.

In conclusion, I think I outlined enough reasons why raw honey is good for you and why you should be incorporating it into your diet. A lot of people ask me for proof that raw honey increases metabolism. I tell them that if they want to see proof they should take their temperature before and after they consume raw honey. I always find that they never fight with me after they take their temperature because they see the increase in their metabolism. Some things you’ll see when you incorporate raw honey is that the bags under your eyes will go down. This is because you’re at a much higher metabolic rate and because of this. You’re getting glucose into your cells. When you get glucose into your cells your body does a better job of regulating blood sugar.

5 thoughts on “Why Sugary Foods Like Raw Honey Are Good For You

  1. apparently, and you may know this, it can also be used as an antibiotic ointment or salve. I spoke with someone who uses honey to treat wounds on sea turtles at a conservation program, and I believe there’s medical grade honey for this purpose.

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