7 Tips to Combat Your Asthma

640_AsthmaSufferers will know that there is no worse feeling than that of an asthma attack. Not only is the episode somewhat frightening in itself but it also restricts everything you do in terms of physical activity. Inhalers and refraining from too strenuous activities are all well and good, but what else can you do to help get this frustrating affliction under control? Here is a simple selection of tips that will hopefully offer you some respite.

·Eat Well: It may seem overly simplistic but if you don’t watch what you eat, you are just asking for another attack. You need to understand exactly which foods can help to relieve symptoms. Salmon, tuna and mackerel are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These help to reduce the production of inflammatory compounds, improve pulmonary function, and prevent constriction that can be caused by exercise. Foods high in magnesium are also something you should be including in your diet, as well as fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C and B.

·Drink Well: The water that you take in is also important. It is essential that you avoid water that contains chlorine as it has been show to irritate receptors in the throat and lungs. When you do drink water then, check that it is either distilled or natural water.

·Understand Your Asthma: If you don’t know what is the main cause of your condition then you are going to have difficulties combatting it effectively. Be aware of the triggers that cause attacks; whether it be pollen, mites, or animals. Of course, it is not always possible to avoid contact, but if you are aware of the causes you can then look to avoid them better.

·Get a Shot: Most people don’t like injections but this could be something to consider if you are serious about really taking on your asthma. Taking small shots of the allergen that can cause attacks in you can lead to a gradual desensitisation to the allergen over time.

·Don’t Smoke: It might seem obvious, and it is a rule that everybody should follow not just asthma sufferers, but smoking is definitely something that should be given a wide berth. Avoid second hand smoke too as this can also trigger an attack.

·Stay Healthy: A little bit easier said than done, but asthma sufferers need to stay as healthy as possible. Colds and flus will leave you more susceptible to attacks, so keep warm and wrapped up during the cold parts of the year. A combination of good common sense and the right diet should see you fighting off those pesky bacteria which are definitely not your friend.

·Calm Down: I know that an attack is stressful but if the worst comes to worst, it is important to remember than stress and anxiety only make an attack worse. You need to accept that an attack is a possibility and deal with it calmly and rationally if it happens. Show it that you are stronger and you should soon have it under control.

·Control Your Environment: You might not like tidying, and you simply love your dog, but too much contact with dust and animals will increase your chances of an attack. Dust your room often and never let the dog or cat in there. Also think about investing in an organic mattress and some special pillow covers, your doctor will be able to give you some good advice on this. Good luck!

Guest Post by Alisha Webb on behalf of Natural Mat – Hypoallergenic Mattresses.

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