Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

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If you are contemplating of starting a raw food diet – a known vegan diet variant – then you have just entered the gate to a healthier lifestyle. Raw food diet means consuming foods that are uncooked and are still filled with nutrients. Studies have proven that vegetables tend to lose their vitamins and minerals when cooked so this type of diet aims to keep those essential nutrients for your benefit.

Food items that are included in a raw food diet are fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, grains and dry fruits.

Taking a Closer Look at Raw Food Diet Benefits

Raw food diet, without a doubt, is healthy since it has low in fat content. It is known to increase energy and fitness levels. It also aids in weight loss and detoxification. You can also say goodbye to stress, heart diseases and digestive problems.

Increased Energy Levels: Raw food is filled with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are all packed with energy. Eat these and you get a combination of energy boosters which you can use throughout the day.

Lose Weight at a Quicker Rate: This is the most practical and sustainable weight loss regimen there is because it is non-restrictive. All you need to do is to eat uncooked foods, preferably lots of fruits and vegetables, that are filled with vitamins and minerals and you automatically shed those excess pounds.

Get Rid of Free Radicals: Your liver functions as your body’s filter for toxins and other unhealthy stuff. When this organ becomes sluggish or inefficient, it is helpful to have a detox diet.

Fresh, organic foods can help purify your liver and eventually your entire body. The principle behind this is that your foods’ enzymes remain intact since they are uncooked. With more undestroyed enzymes, vitamins and minerals come easier digestion and an improved immune system.

Bust Stress: Stress management is not all about working on your psyche. Clarity of mind all begins with a healthy diet and raw food diet is full of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. These and the mineral content of raw foods can help overcome stress.

Get Rid of Heart Disease: Raw food diet can lower the risks of having a heart disease. It can also keep diabetes and the Big C at bay. Once again, the rich vitamins and minerals; antioxidants and fiber comprise a diet that can counter the causes of these major diseases.

Improved Digestion: Eating raw food requires chewing much more than its cooked counterpart. Additional chewing is necessary to break down your food into smaller pieces; with this, more salivary digestive enzymes are produced which aid in better digestion.

One More Thing

Now that you know the benefits of eating raw food, here is one last reminder – try to be creative when it comes to recipes. Why not put in fresh fruits into your cookie batter? Or why not seek out pasta prepared from spinach or beet? You can also thicken your soups by adding pureed veggies. There is nothing boring about the raw food diet so go ahead and begin dieting soon!

About the Author: Diana writes for MyFood, a company that offers healthy meal plans for all kinds of tastes. 

2 thoughts on “Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

  1. My dad used to talk about eating ‘live’ foods all the time. Unfortunately my stomach can’t take raw vegetables — sometimes however I can eat them this way. For the most part I steam my vegetables. Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for all the great info. My parents recently have been trying being veegan. I don’t think that lifestyle is for me as I love my meat. But as a fitness nut I definetly need to work on my nutrition. You’ve given me lots of good stuff to think about. Cheers!

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