Tea for Teeth & Smile

Teesta Site Photo 1Tea stain our teeth and it’s the main reason why we quit tea habits instead of knowing that it has several good ones to benefit!

According to latest researches, scientists have come out with a point in making the goodness of organic or classic teas as your daily habit as it sincerely protects us from several life risking diseases. It can prevent severe headaches, boredom, tiredness, & reduce the risks of blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, panic attacks, as well cancer. They have also recommended tea drinking habits’as the best one in keeping your teeth healthy unless you are consuming green tea.

Green Tea- Natural health Supplement

Green tea is much a buzz in the town with all its benefits among people. It’s good with taste and oral hygiene. It controls inflammation and fights bacterial infection in our mouth. Let us have a look at 4green teateeth benefits.

1)    Best with Gum Health: Gums hold our teeth, and green protects the same from periodical gum diseases. According to recent researches it is found that green tea is good with anti-inflammatory powers, which prevent cavity formation resulting to gum diseases.

2)    Tooth Cavity: Green tea habits control the bacterial growth in our mouth as well as reduce the acidic formations in saliva and dental plaque, which prevent cavity formation in our teeth. It reduces cavity development, gum diseases and helps us in holding our natural teeth with age.

3)    Controls mouth cancer: Green tea is rich with useful antioxidants that diminish cellular damage as well as cancerous growth like tumors in the mouth.

4)    Prevents bad breath: Now, forget harsh quotes like “Your Mouth Stinks”. Organic green tea habits reduce bad breath as it kills the microbes that are reasons in making our mouth stink and welcome radiant smile with fresh breath and glossy teeth.

Author bio: Soma Dutta is a content developer and writing on food and technology benefits over life is her sphere. In this piece, she is sharing green tea benefits forhealthy teeth and radiance in our smile. Click here for more about organic tea ranges.

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