How Health and Exercise Impacts Fertility

ID-100110935Most women eventually like to settle down and have children to complete their families. While this is a dream for most couples in general, it can also be incredibly difficult for women to get pregnant. Infertility rates are increasing at an alarming speed, with more and more women visiting clinics on a daily basis to be put on medication due to fertility problems. In fact, your lifestyle and your health can greatly impact the chances of you getting pregnant. There are several things every woman needs to know about her body and her health.

Too Little Exercise and Obesity
Not getting enough exercise can hinder your chances of getting pregnant and for you to deal with infertility issues. The reason for this is because obesity is directly linked to infertility problems. Many women who are also overweight or obese have problems with their monthly menstrual cycles because of an imbalance of hormones. It is important to remember that hormones are found in body fat. Because of this, an excess amount of body fat can cause problems with hormone production and distribution throughout the body.

Living a healthy life means reaching a healthy weight and doing light to moderate exercises each day. Controlling the amount you eat and even walking for just 30 minutes a day is enough to help bring you into a healthier and more fertile state. Once you lose weight, you may find that it is actually easier for you to get pregnant. This is, obviously, something you will also want to talk about with your doctor if you need help in terms of developing an exercise and diet program for yourself.

Too Much Exercise and Infertility
While exercise is a wonderful way to lose weight and improve your chances of getting pregnant, too much exercise can also be a bad thing. Women who workout too much have been found to have just as many infertility issues as women who are obese or overweight. The reasoning behind this has to do with hormone production and distribution again. Women who are too thin will have difficulties with fertility because hormones are found in body fat. If there is not enough body fat, the woman will most likely suffer from missed periods and infertility issues when she is ready to have children.

This should not scare you to workout because exercise is still necessary to live a healthy life. What you need to do instead is to find a good balance between healthy eating and exercise that is not too overwhelming. Working out for an hour or two a day is perfectly fine, but devoting your entire day to a workout program that lasts for hours is probably too excessive. You will want to speak with a doctor before you make changes to your lifestyle or if you are having difficulties getting pregnant.

It is amazing to see just how closely health, weight and fertility issues are correlated and how all of these things can impact each other. Going to a gym can help tremendously when it concerns developing a healthy workout routine because the gym gives you the option to change what you’re doing and the exercises you’re performing. Living a healthy life can be beneficial in a variety of different ways. For one, you will be able to live a longer and more fulfilling life. For women trying to get pregnant, living healthier can improve the chances of conception when compared to women who are obese and trying to conceive. Your doctor will be able to tell you more about health and fertility relationships

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