Mole Removal with Cosmetic Surgery

Moles on the face could either be benign or dangerous. Although some moles are easily removed using natural methods, there are those that will resist these methods and you are compelled to visit a dermatologist. Some moles will increase the chances of getting skin cancer while others will just form in the most inconvenient places for example large moles on the cheek or a moles that create lumps on the neck. Some people will consider moles to symbolize beauty while others will consider them to be a hindrance to beauty. Mole removal with cosmetic surgery is a common choice to many people. It is important to note that this procedure comes with minimal risks.

Moles will appear as dark spots on the skin. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some of the moles will grow on the surface of the skin; others will grow beneath the skin surface while others still will protrude above the skin surface. If a mole is big or it has grown in to an undesirable shape, it would be prudent to remove it. However, it is important to bear in mind that sometimes cosmetic surgical removal of moles will leave a scar on thesurface of the skin and therefore this procedure should not be used to remove very small moles that do not result in serious beauty issues.


After the surgeon analyzes your condition, he will be able to decide on the best surgical procedure to use. Before he starts the surgical process, the surgeon will thoroughly clean the area with a disinfectant. He will then administer an esthetic to make the region numb. It is worth noting that you will be awake during the surgical process.

There are three ways in which the procedure can be carried out;

If the moles are protruding on the skin’s surface, the surgeon can choose to shave them off and then disinfect the region. However in some instances, the mole cells will have run down deep in the skin and therefore shaving the mole is only a temporary solution as the moles will grow back after some time.

Laser removal
This procedure is effective in removing moles whose cells are on the surface. However just like the shaving method, it may not provide a permanent solution to moles whose cells have gone deep in to the skin tissues.

This is a more invasive procedure that involves removing all the mole cells even those which are deep in the skin. It is the most effective procedure of mole removal and it ensures that moles do not grow back after removal. It is also effective in getting rid of those moles that could cause skin cancer if left unattended to.

If the surgeon just shaved the mole off, he will use an electrical device which will cauterize the region to prevent bleeding. If he used the invasive procedure he may have to use a few stitches so that the region can heal properly. Sometime a scar will develop after healing but it will fade away with time. Mole removal with cosmetic surgery comes with minimal risks for example the area may be infected if you do not maintain proper hygiene during the healing process.


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