Don’t Be Troubled by Thrush, Women!

thrush treatmentWomen often suffer from vaginal infections. Thrush is a very common vaginal infection, and it is caused when the acid balance of vagina is disturbed. Vagina has an acidic pH. This grants protection to the vaginal area against hostile, harmful microbes.

When the vaginal pH is disturbed, there is an increase in fungal population in the vaginal area. Some common symptoms of thrush are itching in the crotch area and vagina. There may or may not be an increase in the vaginal discharge. Some women pass this infection to their partners through sexual intercourse. Hence, such men also suffer from penile thrush.

If you have diabetes, are pregnant, or have a poor immune system, you are at an increased risk of developing thrush. Thrush can be acute, that is, short-term and intense, or it can be recurrent and chronic.

Vaginal Thrush is caused by the fungus Candida albicans. These Candida fungi stay on the vaginal portion in a harmless state just like a commensal, but due to adverse conditions, they turn hostile and start causing symptoms of irritation, rash, itching, and often some whitish discharge. Women suffering from Thrush experience a burning sensation and pain while passing urine and during sexual intercourse.

Thrush can be extremely irritating and embarrassing owing to its occurrence in private parts–penile and vaginal regions. An increased use of perfumed soaps and shower gels by women has led to an increase in the incidence of vaginal infections like Thrush manifold. Mostly, women in their 30s and 40s contract vaginal infections. Even pregnancy is a major cause of thrush.

How to Deal with Thrush?

  1. Refrain from wearing very tight clothes. They prevent free flow of air between the skin and the clothes paving the way for fungi to breed.
  2. Don’t use products like vaginal douches that tend to make the vaginal pH alkaline. Alkaline pH is not suitable for vagina and may promote fungal growth.
  3. Women on chemotherapy are known to suffer from thrush. Talk to your doctor regarding this as he may suggest dose change or alternative therapy.
  4. Taking antibiotics for some infectious disease may lead to spurting of another infection in the vaginal area in the form of thrush. Antibiotics must be used sparingly and that too only on the recommendation of the doctor.
  5. Vaginal hygiene is extremely important. If you see signs of whitish vaginal discharge that is odourless, never neglect it. Visit a doctor for an effective prescription product.
  6. Never keep your vaginal area moist for long. This is bound to promote fungal growth and cause infections like Thrush.
  7. Use Canesten cream or pessary for quick and effective relief against Thrush. You may also use Canesten range of wash and wipes for intimate hygiene. These products are free from soap and fragrance. They are gynaecologically tested and found highly safe. They are also enriched with vitamin E and chamomile for softness in the vaginal region.
  8. For thrush treatment of both the affected woman and her partner, Fluconazole is an ideal oral treatment. A single pill of this drug is enough to treat either vaginal thrush or penile thrush in men whose partners are affected. You may take Fluconazole with water any time of the day either with or without food. This medicine is so effective that you see the difference within a day or two, and the complete infection will heal within a week.
  9. If you had more than 2 thrush infections within the last 6 months, it is wise to consult your doctor to find out the underlying cause.

Thrush infections don’t let you live your life freely. You get constantly worried about the itching sensations and have many of your functions like urinating and sexual intercourse affected as a result. Treat thrush on time, and live a carefree life.


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