Some Of The Best Remedies For Hair Loss

Male-Hair-LossMany people experience hair loss irrespective of their sex. Even though this phenomenon may not be termed as a medical condition, seeing stacks of hair strands on the combs and feeling the hair thinning away has never been interesting and leaves individuals experiencing hair loss searching everywhere for a good remedy for this condition. However, some of the remedies that they come across only make their conditions worse especially if the medication or hair loss treatment administered did not take the cause of the hair loss into account.

Micron Labs, being longtime specialists in hair restoration and their use of very advanced technology, has been providing the most eminent hair restoration services. A major stronghold on Micron’s service provision is proper evaluation of the underlying hair loss cause which is consequently considered when choosing the best hair restoration treatment for a given condition.By the fact that the most common hair loss and hair thinning causes are male pattern baldness, effects of Dihydrostestosterone (DHT) hormone, inadequate nourishment of the hair follicles, scalp infections, auto-immune responses against hair follicles and changes in gene expression on the follicles, a combination therapy is sometimes used to ensure that one recovers fully from hair loss problem.

One approach is to use highly advanced hair transplant technology to an extent that you never know who has gotten hair transplants. Ideally, the procedure involves isolating hair follicles from the back and the sides of the scalp and the grafts are implanted in the areas with no hair or with very thin hair. This procedure has proved to be very effective in regaining full hair distribution after experiencing male pattern baldness.Laser light therapy is particularly used when hair loss or hair thinning is primarily caused by inadequate nourishment of the hair follicles. The beams used during this procedure tend to improve vascular circulation in the scalp which leads to development of stronger, thicker and well distributed hair.

This procedure is also used alongside other hair restoration procedures to enhance their effectiveness especially during the very first days after treatment.Custom hair piece systems refer to a type of hair restoration procedure that uses human hair or artificial hair grafts to mask lost hair. These hairpieces are often attached on the hair shaft or at the base of the hair strands. In order to make them look very natural, they are customized to your hair color and molded to fit your scalp.Carboxytherapy procedure involves the injection of carbon dioxide formula under the scalp. By so doing, the area under the scalp gets a higher CO2 – O2 concentration gradient that facilitates maximal oxygen offloading which boosts hair follicle nourishment and makes hair strands stronger and thicker.

Natural treatments basically involve the use of natural herbal extracts which are aimed at treating scalp conditions that may have led to hair loss and hair thinning. Such natural extracts and formulations also interact with Dihydrostestosterone (DHT) receptors in the hair follicles and eventually tones down the negative effect on hair distribution imparted by DHT hormone.

All in all, seeking attention early enough is highly recommended. Even though these treatments are highly effective, going for a hair restoration treatment when it’s too late may prolong hair recovery time and the efficiency of the treatments may not be equally impressive as compared to treatments done as soon as one notes that he or she is losing his or her hair.

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