Healthy Ways to Stay in Shape and Flatten Your Belly

SaladIt is not only every person’s dream to get flat, great looking abs. It is also a sign of overall good health. We all wish to have a toned, flat stomach that makes us proud of ourselves. However, after several unsuccessful attempts for most people it sounds impossible. Still, with only a few effective techniques and tips it is very possible for you to easily tone and flatten your belly.

Healthy Diet

Foods that are rich in MUFA e.g. olives, oils, nuts and seeds, avocados, chocolate (dark chocolate and not the candy bar type) have been proved effective in reducing accumulation of belly fat. Thus, ensure you have at least one serving of these types of foods daily.

Working Out

Eating the above mentioned types of foods without exercising your body will not assist you in your attempt to flatten your belly. Thus, it is essential that you get at least 20 minutes of cardio workout daily, along with a good executed abdominal exercise. If you’re not sure of what a good executed abdominal exercise entails, research online or ask a professional trainer at the gym.

Basically, it would be ideal if you focused on a full-hour exercise routine that incorporates cardio as well as strength training. This is because the more of the muscles you’ll build, the more of the fat you’ll burn.

Good Posture

When you have a good posture, the muscles that are around your midsection i.e. core muscles are usually worked out properly. This will eventually contribute in burning of more fats in your body.

Taking Up Pilates or Yoga

The combination of strengthening, focus and stress relief that you’ll get after taking up yoga will help to bring your mind and body in-line. It will also assist in lengthening and toning your muscles, which will in turn help you get a leaner and healthier body.

Destress Yourself

Stress may easily lead to emotional eating fat deposits in a person’s belly region. One of the effective ways you can use to distress yourself is by taking up meditation. Other tips that you should also put into consideration which can also help you in your attempt to flatten your belly include:

*Healthy fiber dose on a daily basis

*Easing up on the gassy and salt foods, which cause bloating

*Drinking green tea to assist flushing out the toxins in your body

*Eating often, but little

Last but not the least; drinking plenty of water (at least eight glasses of water) a day will greatly prove to be highly beneficial in your attempt to be healthier and flatten your belly. Start adhering to the above mentioned tips and enjoy your improved body. These suggestions are not only for those who want to lose weight but also for those who would like to start living healthy and get into good shape.

Sashka is a fitness enthusiast who writes about healthy weight loss and fitness programs, green living and wellbeing. She hits the gym 3 times a week. Her top priority is regular work out and preparing quality food for her loved ones. This article was inspired by easy fitness tips and ideas to stay in shape and have a flat belly.

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