The Most Effective Ways to Instantly Treat Bad Breath

bad-breathIf you have noticed that your breath is not so great smelling all the time, then don’t worry because there are several ways that bad breath can be effectively treated. The more sophisticated name for bad breath is Halitosis. Contrary to the popular disdain for onions and garlic, nearly 80% to 90% of the Halitosis problems that most people face are because of bacteria that were allowed in your mouth for so long that it started a colony! Ever wondered why it’s so hard to book an appointment at the dentist? It’s because about one third of the most frequent reasons why people are there in the first place is because of chronic Halitosis that results from tooth decay and periodontal disease, while another 25% are out on the street having persistent bad breath in various degrees and do not know it. Kind of makes you nauseous, isn’t it? Don’t ask who did a study to find out those statistics, but hats off to whoever was the breath tester.

Bad breath can be treated most effectively by following these steps:

Drink lots of water. Skipping water for coke and coffee is not always a good idea if you want your breath to be fresh and your teeth to be white for the better half of your lifetime. Why exactly does coffee and coke cause bad breath? Well, the caffeine in both of these drinks dries out your mouth and slows down the production of saliva. Saliva kills bacteria that is in your mouth and also helps to wash out any food particles that are left in your teeth or other areas of your mouth. A dry mouth and the leftover food particles resulting can start to give off bad smelling odours. Coffee and coke bad breath can easily be fixed by washing it all down with a tall glass of water right after. Another tip that some folks find useful for having better breath is to limit the amount of milk in your coffee.

Avoid certain foods like cheese, milk, beef, chicken, coffee, coke, and alcohol. The basic concept to keep in mind is to avoid any strong smelling foods. Avoid all things with garlic, onions, fish, sugar, caffeine, and eggs. Strong smelling foods like garlic have sulphur compounds in them that cause bad breath. Even if you’ve brushed your teeth, flossed and gurgled CB12 mouthwash  2 times after eating certain strong smelling foods it’s not going to help because these scents remain both in your breath and body odour for up to 24 hours.

Quite Smoking! Smoking and bad breath are quite synonymous. There’s just something about smoking that causes the awful smell which is known as smoker’s breath. Smoking leaves smoke particles in the throat and lungs and makes the smell linger for quite a few hours. Chemicals that are used in tobacco smoke also cause chronic bad breath by drying out the palate of your tongue and gums. A constant blast of hot smoke on the inside of your mouth creates the perfect environment for smelly bacteria to grow and thrive. An increased buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth and the risk of gum disease is also caused by smoking and in return causes bad breath. The best way to make a better habit than smoking is to—you got it—just don’t smoke!

Maintain good oral health and visit your dentist once every six months. Gargle with mouthwash to help discourage tonsils stones. Tonsils stones is when calcified cluster of matter gets lodged in the corner of the tonsils. This contains many minerals like ammonia, phosphorus, and carbonate that result in very bad smelling breath. The minty ones like CB12 Mouthwash work the best. Choose a mouth was that will keep your breath smelling fresh for a longer time. Flossing your teeth is a definite step number two that goes hand in hand with step number one. Don’t let the food build up in the cracks of your teeth and cause your mouth to smell because of it. When you brush your teeth don’t spend so much time polishing the front row. That will improve the brilliance of your smile. For sure! But it won’t do much good if someone is impressed and wants to get to know you better. Take care to brush the back of your teeth and your tongue too. Lots of emphasis is placed on cleaning your teeth and not enough on your tongue. Cleaning your tongue is so very important, because as discussed this the place where most of the bacteria thrives. If you improve your oral hygiene, not-so-bad-smelling-breath is sure to follow.

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