When Throwing a pillow isn’t enough: Snoring and its damage effect upon a relationship

113140254_1363191897We’ve all heard people sort of joking around about not getting sleep due to their snoring spouse, but did you know that ‘Snoring’ can actually lead to divorce. When you throw chronic fatigue into a marriage that might be rife with other mitigating factors, it might become that proverbial straw that broke your marital back. But before you throw in the towel, you might consider some alternative ways to capture a goodnight’s sleep, so much so, you might even fall back in love with your spouse.

Lifestyle and Diet Choices: It’s true, when your spouse sheds some excess weight by diet and exercise, it can indeed help reduce the severity of snoring. Snoring occurs when air passageways are obstructed while sleeping, generally this can happen due to excessive weight on the throat and areas of the body that are responsible for breathing. The type of food that you eat can also cause a poor night’s sleep. Try cutting back on acidic foods an hour before bedtime. Alcohol can also cause snoring by relaxing the muscles of the soft palate. If your snoring spouse also smokes you can share this little tidbit as well; there is a direct correlation between smoking and snoring.
Battling Fatigue: Once a partner has committed to a healthier lifestyle then they may begin to see their own sleep improve as well. As a matter of fact, thought the snoring spouse appears to be getting more sleep than their sleep-deprived counterpart, the truth is that they are also suffering from interrupted sleep as well, sometimes losing up to two hours of sleep a night.
Lack of Intimacy: When one spouse is relegated to the couch due to the snoring issue, it can unfortunately lead to a break in the intimacy the two once shared and sadly can often down the road to a divorce. It’s difficult to feel close to your spouse knowing that you may end up once-again sleep-deprived, irritable and feeling angry towards your loved one.
If this sounds like something that might be occurring in your own relationship, consider some other alternatives before putting the kibosh on your marriage. There are certain Anti-snoring devices that can help both parties regain a restful night’s sleep and perhaps a renewed appreciation of their marriage. And of course, incorporating healthy lifestyle habits for both parties involve will only be a boon for your relationship but it will have far reaching implications in every aspect of your life.

Getting a good night’s sleep benefits your overall health as well as your relationship. Don’t risk shortening your life as well as your marriage due to snoring.

About the Author: Jimmy Keillor is a retired medical researcher and freelance writer who has studied the causes and effects of sleep deprivation his entire career. For more of his writings visit this site. When he is not writing, you will likely find him metal-detecting and gem hunting with his two young sons in tow.


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