Symptoms That Indicate You May Have Eye Trouble

2283918339_07c71938df_bOftentimes people deny that they have a health issue up to the point of no return. With certain body parts, the consequences of ignoring symptoms are too dangerous. The eyes are a prime example of this. Many humans either don’t understand that they might have an eye issue, or simply refuse to believe it.

Below I have listed some basic symptoms that are very strong indicators that you may have an eye issue. The type of treatment is up to you as an individual, but it’s important for you to understand that eye conditions are very common and the symptoms are often very recognizable. This article is aimed to help you assess your own eyes so that you can be proactive in treating any issues.

If you’re experiencing one or more of the following, consider consulting a doctor or doing some proactive research. Your eyes are your windows to the world, and are too precious to compromise.

1. Gradual blurry vision.

This symptom usually happens over time, and is less noticeable. If you’ve held an office job for a number of years with an overwhelming electronic screen presence, this is a somewhat common symptom among middle aged men and women. If you notice yourself bringing items closer for reading, this is a sub-effect of the symptom. Gradual blurry vision is listed as number one on the list because it’s steady and harder to notice without being reminded.

Main focus: Try and specifically think about your vision over the last couple years. Have you noticed any gradual blurring?

2. Bursts of light.

If you’ve experienced flashes of light, of any magnitude, you could have a potentially serious eye condition. Issues like retinal tear or retinal detachment can be a major cause for concern. When these symptoms occur, it’s imperative to get the problem checked out immediately.

Main focus: If you’ve noticed a flash of light, or even a sudden obstruction of eye vision, it’s critical to seek treatment right away. Particularly if these symptoms have been showing up in your life more often recently, it could be a sign that you are nearing a much more serious eye issue.

3. Sensitivity to light.

Don’t immediately panic if your eyes are sensitive to light. Mine are as well. However, if you’ve never been sensitive to light and it seems to be occurring lately there could be cause for concern. If you’ve frequently been working or performing another activityoutdoors, consider the use of sunglasses if you aren’t already. If this doesn’t remedy the issue and decrease sensitivity, be proactive and find a solution.

Main focus: Some people are more sensitive to light than others. You may simply be one that is more prone to the issue. However, if it has started recently or has gotten steadily worse, action should be taken.

4. An infection in either or both eyes.

An eye infection is always a serious matter that needs attention. Dangerous germs can enter the eye and cause a number of issues. If you have or have had a particularly serious eye infection recently it could be a sign of something more. The scope of this issue varies greatly from one person to the next, but can have serious implications.

Main focus: If you have had an eye infection, get it checked out, Oftentimes infections will solve themselves, but if they don’t heal quickly or aren’t dealt with promptly permanent eye damage can occur.

5. Sudden blurry vision.

If you have had sudden drops in vision or flashes of blurriness, you could have an issue that extends beyond eyesight. It’s important to get his checked out immediately as the potential problems are widespread. Our body is complicated and the eyes are more vital than we often think.

Main focus: Sudden blurry vision can be a sign of many problems, and is not only an indicator of eyesight issues. If you’ve experienced this type of vision occurrence, it’s worth taking note of.

Some eye conditions are much easier to notice than others. The similarity between all of them, though, is that they are important to take note of. Any eye ailment can turn into a serious one if it isn’t diagnosed and treated in the appropriate way. It’s important to evaluate your eyesight on a regular basis to look for any abnormalities.

Griff Haeger has had his fair share of eye conditions. When he’s not fixing an air conditioner he writes about Strabismus and other eye problems.

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