Natural cosmetic treatments for men – Feet care and natural aftershave

natural-aftershave-essential-oil-recipeNot only women want to be beautiful every day, and invest considerable time, money and energy in personal care. Men want the same thing and are willing to spend long hours at the beauty salon to take care of their image. There are cosmetics for men, but they are very expensive. Moreover, because they are not properly tested, they can have side effects or simply be ineffective. Try better the natural way, by which you can get rid of problems, simple, and in a short time, without any effort.

If you are at the first try to make natural beauty treatments, the things will seem complicated. With patience and confidence in their efficiency, you will find the success recipe of your image. Do yourself essential oils reserves, choose your favorite flavors and prepare a face mask for daily care. You need flour, green tea, two bottles of vitamin E and lemon essential oils, lavender or cypress. Store the mixture in the refrigerator for three days, after which you can apply it, after bathing, on the face and neck. It is the perfect mask for oily and sensitive skin, that you will use twice a week.

The feet hygiene is very important. Because most men are exercising more than women, th annoying sweat bumps appear immediately. To avoid them, treat yourself with a cream obtained from natural lavender essential oil, tea tree and sandalwood. Wash yourself every night with the natural treatment which you added to the water and swelling and infections will go away in a few days. If you are shoes on all day and your feet smell becomes a problem, you just need you to wash every night with cypress essential oil in which you add a little water. Massage your feet and within a week you will get rid of the embarrassing odor.

To avoid after shaving irritation, apply the natural lotion, obtained from lavender essential oil, hazelnut, lemon and water. It is the old English natural recipe of aftershave which will smooth your skin and will get you rid of irritation. For a refreshing sensation, especially in winter, take care of your facial skin with another naturist lotion. You need a few drops of alcohol, peppermint essential oil, lavender, and hazelnut. It acts as a tonic, stimulates the blood circulation and effectively removes irritations that occur after shaving. The lotion obtained will be used but only after two weeks while it was in the refrigerator. You can still get natural aftershave of rosemary, bay leaves and rum. The mixture however will be kept in cold for a month, after which you can use it every day.

In order to have a neat skin daily, the natural recipes are perfect for the men who can not tear two hours in their daily schedule for a visit to cosmetic center. Are easy to get, not expensive and deeply caring you. Make a list of all the ingredients needed and the natural spoiling can begin for any man.

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