baby wipes

baby wipes

Wet wipes are a piece of wet cloth or paper and are infused with lotion or sanitizers. Most wet wipes are individually packed and are folded. They are technically used for cleaning purposes and are extremely useful for day-to-day purposes. The concept of baby wipes are also developed from the idea of wet wipes and are in greatly in demand by mothers of infants and toddlers. Rejecting the notion that baby wipes can be used only on babies, we go on to explore how else and where else wipes can be used to their complete benefit.

1.) However, what is interesting to note is that the versatility offered by baby wipes make them, an instant go-to choice for cleaning almost anything in and around the house. Starting with the fact that a baby’s bottom is gentle and prone to rashes, baby wipes are an instant option as they not only effectively clean poop, they also contain mild lotion so that your baby’s skin is moisturized in the process. Apart from their handling their bowel movements effectively, wipes are also an excellent tool to remove vomit stains, either from clothes or from your skin. The unpleasant odor left behind is instantly removed if used immediately.

2.) Moving on from baby-specific uses, there are also hundreds of other uses for baby wipes. Now this should make women sit up and take notice as baby wipes are great for wiping thick eye makeup, foundation, rouge and lipstick stains, either from skin or from clothes. Therefore, it’s always suggested that you carry a small pack of baby wipes in your kitty bag for all those last minute emergencies or just before you wish to freshen up from old makeup residue. If you’re wondering how safe baby wipes are, you don’t have to ponder the implications as baby wipes are always safe, tested and hygienic because they need to be primarily used against your little one’s fragile and delicate soft skin. Therefore, if wipes are harmless against babies, they are certainly skin and product friendly too.

3.) Baby wipes are extremely useful when you wish to get rid of dust covered layers, grime, oil, sand, residue from liquid substances either from your wooden, steel surfaces or from your own hands. This is specially useful when you need to clean your computer screen, the keypad and the mouse which tend to accumulate dirt quicker than usual. A pack of baby wipes can also be kept on the dashboard of your car as they can effectively remove oil from the steering wheel, handles and seat belts. Any food spillage in the car can also be cleaned with wipes. When you’re heading outdoors, you can easily remove dirt from your non-leather or non-suede shoes and ash flakes on your clothes. And if you’re specifically the type who obsesses over cleanliness in public toilets, baby wipes can be used to clean the handles, the light switch toggle and face plate. Most importantly, dry baby wipes are useful if you discover, much to your horror, that the loo has no toilet paper.

4.) In the kitchen, baby wipes come in handy for anything ranging from unsightly tea splatters, as a faucet cleaner, removing cobwebs that accumulate on broom bristles, stains on the ceramic tile floors, grime buildup on cabinet doors and beet juice stains. Before having a meal, baby wipes are an effective tool to clean up the surface such as tables or seats. In any instance, dry baby wipes can also be used as the same way paper towels are used such as dinner napkins or as after meal tissues. Wipes are also extremely functional when you have huge parties and need to clean up afterwards. Spilt juice, glitter on surfaces, party foam spray from clothes and hair, makeup and food stain removal from cloth, crayon marks on the wall by kids and marker imprints. With a pack of dry or wet baby wipes in your bag, you’ll never be disappointed for carrying it around, especially if you are a cleanliness freak and always on the move. Believe it, they’re handy and almost vital in your kitty bag.


I Divya Kumari is a author who is interested in writing on topics related to baby care, family & parenting tips. In this article I have explained common uses of baby wipes. I am a mother of 4 years old daughter & enjoys reading, writing, socializing and traveling.

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