Would you know if you were suffering from RSI?

Repetitive strain injury is a combination of repetitive movements; poor posture and the overuse of computers without taking rest breaks. It causes injury to the nerves, muscles and tendons, this can occur in the neck, wrist, arms, elbows and shoulders; which can be very serious if left. Unfortunately we all have bad habits in the way we sit, and hold the telephone and even type on the computer.


It is difficult to know what the symptoms are, however it is very important to take action as soon as possible. Early symptoms can include:

  • Mild tingling
  • Aches
  • Twinges in your neck or fingers, hands and arms

If you are suffering from any of this type of pain then don’t hesitate to go and see your doctor as ignoring this pain will only make it worse!


You need to be taking regular breaks at least every half an hour to rest, try to keep your back as straight as possible and stretching out your arms. Try hard not to hunch over your computer; your arms should be at a right angle when typing. Beware that computers and laptops force the hands into a claw position and so it’s very important to wiggle your fingers and stretch them often. Is your monitor straight in front of you to avoid glare and reflection? Is there enough room on your desk for you to use your mouse freely instead of “mouse arm” which causes stiffness, numbness and pain?

Celebrities get it too!

In 2006 Noel Edmonds suffered from repetitive strain injury because he had to keep picking up the phone on his show aired on Channel 4 game show, Deal or No Deal. His consultant has said that it must have been caused by him repeatedly answering the telephone. 

The answer

Wireless headsets are the answer! Not only does a headset help you avoid physical ailments, they also increase your work productivity. Many studies have proved that instead of holding phone frees up a hand and can improve your productivity by 43%!

Did you know that headsets will reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on your shoulder? By using it as a part of your daily routine it will make your work routine easier, improve your posture and on top of this you will feel more active and refreshed at the end of the day.

Health benefits

1. Improved posture:

Improved posture can cause less pain as your posture is instantly improved.

2. Higher productivity:

A handset not only practices safer ergonomics, it also can reduce stress by increasing your productivity.

3. You can move:

By using a telephone handset, it creates mobility whilst being able to roam over 400 feet. Even if you walk around the office and grab a coffee with the noise cancelling technology!

Obviously it can be a worry that a headset isn’t healthy and that it can even causer something as harmful as cancer. The facts are that the frequency is so low that it has been proven to be safe. Both doctors and scientist have deemed wireless headset safe for all consumers and no links to any type of cancer have been made.

Bio: Business owner, marketing expert and writer Karen James has always been conscious of her business calls and as her businesses have grown she has sought guidance from one of the best phone answering services; 1stResponse,  experts in their field. When Karen is reassured her business calls are taken care of, she likes nothing better than long walks with her dogs or weekends by the sea with her grandchildren.

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