Baby Carriers: The Low-Down on Babying Your Baby

baby carriers imageAn apparatus that has been primarily designed to carry babies safely, a baby carrier is said to have been inspired by the way animals carry their little ones with complete safety and security.

Types of Baby Carriers

A ring sling is a type of baby carrier that comes with a ring wrapped with two ends of a cloth and is worn by the wearer from one shoulder to the opposite hip with the baby lying in the resulting pocket. There is the pouch sling that comes with a wide piece of fabric sewn into a tube that shapes itself according to the parent’s body and is held securely. The wrap carrier is wrapped around both the parent and the baby and then tied at the side to hold the tiny tot in. There are also manufactured carriers that come with a variety of buckles and straps; a contraption that is designed to strap the baby to the body of the parent as he or she undertakes everyday activities like grocery shopping or the occasional vacuuming.

How to Pick a Baby Carrier

When choosing a carrier for your baby, ensure that it can carry weight evenly. Because if you are spending long hours carrying your baby like that it might cause backaches. You should look for a carrier that will mimic the way you hold the baby naturally to ensure that baby is also comfortable. You can also look for versatility in specific baby carriers that will let you carry a couple of baby essentials in conveniently placed pockets. You have to pay attention to material that the carrier is made of for it might become too hot or too cold for the baby depending on the weather.

How to Clean a Baby Carrier

Ideally, the baby carrier should be washed in warm, soapy water by hand and rinsed clean. You can remove detachable pieces separately and scrub the base out if there are any lasting stains. It is always good to dry the baby carriers in natural sunlight to ensure that any microbe growth is inhibited.

A variety of carriers are available online from trusted brands like MeeMee, Chicco, Nahshon, Sunbaby, Nahshon, Farlin, Advance Baby, Harry & Honey, Pigeon, Piyo Piyo, Tomy and such. You can choose according to how old your baby is and browse through collections that fit your budget.

Shopping for your baby’s needs especially after the baby is born is a real hassle – what with trying to deal with the baby’s constant need for attention added to the hassles of traffic, finding the right shop with available stock of what you want and sales people who actually add value rather than just stand there. Switch to online shopping and buy a baby carrier online from e-commerce websites which give you a wide variety of discounts and choices from top brands. Paying is easy: whip out your credit or debit card or transfer via netbanking. You can also choose the cash on delivery option. Online shopping is the key to getting things done your way right from the convenience of your couch.

Authors Bio –

Divya Kumari is a author who is interested in writing on topics related to baby care, family & parenting tips. In this article she has explained the benefits of baby carriers, how to buy & clean a baby carriers. I am a mother of 4 years old daughter & has the hobby of traveling, meeting people & reading books related to baby care.

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