Breast Cancer Symptoms after a Mastectomy

Breast Cancer SymptomsExaminations conducted by gynecologists are an important step towards detection of breast cancer. One can consult with the top gynecologists in NYC if signs of breast cancer show up.

For NYC residents the first medical practitioner to detect breast cancer is their gynecologist in New York. Mastectomy is one of the commonly prescribed procedures in cases where the cancer is aggressive. Mastectomy is the surgical removal of breast tissue. Depending on the case, surgeons may suggest removal of the skin and nipple and also the lymph nodes around the area of the affected breast to avoid spreading of cancer. Patients of metastatic breast cancer go through certain symptoms after the surgery. These include, breathing abnormalities, headaches and liver pain.

Breathing Abnormalities: Breathing Abnormalities are the most common symptom following a mastectomy. As found in several cases, the spreading of breast cancer affects the lungs. The cancer cells then begin to grow in the lungs. This affects the functioning of the lungs. A reduction is the capacity of the lungs causes breathing problems. Patients may experience shortness of breath and dizziness as a part of the symptoms although the cancer has been removed surgically.  In more serious cases, an additional surgery may be required to check the growth of cancer cells in the lungs.

Liver damage: Due to cancer growth, there is a chance for the patient to experience damage to the liver. The main function of the liver is to metabolize chemical content and detoxify the body. Through the bloodstream, cancer cells may spread to the liver. The cancer cells begin to colonize the tissue of the liver. According to a study conducted by Medline Plus, individuals suffering from liver conditions experience excessive sweating, feel tiredness and a loss of appetite. Yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes, also known as jaundice is a symptom that is experienced by patients suffering from more severe cases. Chemotherapy and slow radiation therapy may treat liver cancer metastases after the mastectomy procedure.

Headaches: After a mastectomy, the patient may complain of headaches. The possibility of severe headaches is a symptom of breast cancer after the procedure of mastectomy. The occurrence of headaches appears if or when the cancer cells travel to the brain through the bloodstream. The cancer may then begin to grow in the tissues of the brain. The blood vessels of the brain may also be affected. It also leads to the tumor putting an increased pressure on the blood vessels, brain tissues and nerves in the surrounding areas. This is triggered by the growth of the breast cancer. Initially these headaches are temporary, as explained by Harvard University. They begin with severe pain in the mornings. Later, these may develop into constant occurrences of disabling headaches. The growth of cancer in the brain may head to neurological problems. Therefore, the doctors may suggest chemotherapy or surgery for those who develop metastases in the brain after a mastectomy.

Those residing in the neighborhoods of NYC can consult with their gynecologist in New York for routine examinations as a preventive step towards avoiding breast cancer. The detection of breast cancer at an early stage is recommended by the top gynecologists in NYC.

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