Teeth Whitening– What the Experts Recommend

Dental care

Dental care

Over time, teeth lose their luster and become discolored. Among the leading causes of teeth discoloration are food and drinks, smoking, poor oral hygiene, some types of diseases and medications, some types of dental materials, aging, genetics, environmental factors and trauma.

Drinks like coffee, colas, wine and tea contain ingredients that can stain teeth. Ditto with some types of fruits and veggies. Smoking can stain the teeth as well.

If you do not brush and floss regularly and properly, you are more likely to have stained teeth. On the other hand, medical treatments like radiation and chemotherapy as well as medicines like antibiotics, doxycycline, tetracycline and medications for high blood pressure can also stain the teeth.

But sometimes, no matter how much you take care of your teeth and avoid drinks and food that stain your teeth, you may still end up discolored teeth. One reason behind this is aging; over time, the teeth’s enamel gets worn away, revealing the dentin which has a yellow color. You may also have teeth with a darker hue simply because of genetic factors.

One of the best ways to deal with teeth discoloration is to implement lifestyle modification. You can either avoid entirely or cut back your consumption of food and drinks that stain teeth. Also, if you are a smoker, you can quit your habit and improve the appearance of your teeth and your overall health.

When it comes to teeth whitening in Fort Worth, residents have a few options to choose from, including bonding, veneers, over-the-counter treatments and in-office whitening procedures like Zoom Whitening.

A Zoom whitening treatment begins with a consultation with your dentist. During this consultation, your dentist will take into account a few crucial factors including your general oral health, your natural tooth color, the level of staining of your teeth, your budget and your lifestyle. Taking these into account will allow both of you to find a suitable Zoom whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening solutions work through a variety of ways. Many products remove surface stains through the process of abrasion or by facilitating a chemical reaction. For stains below the enamel, some products use hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide which trigger a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction effectively breaks down the carbon bonds which lead to yellow stains.

Although some over-the-counter products produce results, dentists recommend in-office treatments. One of the major reasons behind this is that a professional will take into account your oral health and history. For example, if you have sensitive teeth, your dentist will choose a whitening solution that will not cause pain. Also, with the supervision of a dental professional, you are assured that the whitening solution is applied correctly and the guesswork on your part is eliminated.

About the author: Chelsea Sawyer is a certified health coach. She has been helping many people in changing their behaviors to keep them focused on achieving their health and fitness goals. With great passion for writing, her hobbies include writing and sharing helpful techniques on various health topics. She visits sites like http://www.ngreendental.com.

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