How to Stay Healthy When Living Overseas

Life in another country is an exciting experience for many people offering a lot of new and unique opportunities. The risk of illness or sickness is also higher overseas due to new bacteria’s and weather conditions. You have to prepare yourself for that. By living a healthy lifestyle, you are able to reduce that chance significantly and prevent any illness or potential injuries in your new home!

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Before you fly out, make sure to conduct some research in the local area you’re about to move to. Try to adapt to the best of your abilities. There are a number of different things you have to take into consideration, usually you can ask your local health care institution about possible dangers or recommended preventions. Figure out what kind of vaccinations are suggested and any extra precautions.

Another option would be to have a chat with your doctor to find out what he/she recommends. In addition, you should take your living conditions into consideration as well and whether you’ll be going around, perhaps visit other countries nearby. For example, many Asian countries have very different hygiene standards and also health care treatments are not always identical to Western standards. Are you moving overseas with your family? Be sure to check what requirements are suggested for children and explore your options.

Health coverage

In any case, it’s important to have adequate insurance coverage in case you need medical assistance. International health insurance plans cover any medical expenses made abroad. Normally, local health insurance plans do not cover any medical treatments or other health care expenses made abroad. Especially if you’re living abroad long-term, you really need an international health insurance provider.

Furthermore, most insurance providers offer different plans for individuals but also family plans. Medical evacuations often apply in areas where local health care facilities are unable to offer you sufficient medical attention. Be sure you are covered for these expenses otherwise it’ll cost you thousands of euros / dollars.

Home remedies for emergencies

You can also take some precautions at home. In case you need certain medication over time, prepare a medical kit with personal necessities. Visit your local pharmacy in order to acquire over the counter remedies and other important medical prescriptions. Write down emergency contact details and include phone numbers of local health care institutions. It’s recommended to research your area on hospitals or clinics in case of an emergency. Usually international health insurance providers keep a list in certain area’s of recommended facilities. Make sure to have your insurance company’s emergency contact details or customer service on your phone.

In addition to phone numbers and other important contact details registered on your smartphone or computer, it’s advised to print out hard copies of emergency contact details too. Don’t forget to research the possibilities of contacting your home country’s embassy in a foreign country. For most US and European citizens living abroad, the embassy office can offer you assistance at any time. Next to helpful advice, most embassies are able to help you out in case of an emergency. In case of a unique situation, the embassy office will help you organize the required steps to take in order to receive essential medical assistance.

Healthy food & fitness


  • Healthy food
  • Bottled water
  • Check food conditions
  • Sport facilities

Take care of yourself properly at all time! Especially when you’re living overseas, it’s smart to pay extra attention to keep yourself healthy. The food is probably very different, but make sure to eat healthy and be cautious with what you eat. Especially street food might be contaminated with bacteria which make you sick or ill. It’s common that street food restaurants sell food which has been out in the sun for a long period of time or even from the day before.

Chinese street food
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Extra tip: just pay attention to where all the local people are buying food. If a street food restaurant is busy with local people, you can fairly assume it’s good quality food and usually cheap too! If you buy fruit, check it properly and if you can spot any bugs on or around the fruit, don’t buy it. Don’t drink or cook using crane water because it’s most likely tainted, buy bottled water instead.

Apart from eating healthy, it’s also important to exercise on a regular base. Research your area for a gym or other sport facilities where you can register for a membership. If the local temperatures are high during the day time, just wake up early and go out for a run! It’s also the perfect way to explore the local area. There are many online videos available for workouts at home too! Many people do yoga, light workouts or meditation before the day starts and you can do all this in your bedroom. It will keep your mind and body fit!

Just check out some simple but effective exercises you can do from your bedroom below:

7 Minute Workout
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All it takes is a little time and planning to ensure a healthy life by exercising and eating healthy food. Make sure to have the earlier mentioned medical kit prepared at home and other necessities close by. If you do so, you will have nothing to worry about and allow yourself to enjoy your new home to the fullest.
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