How as Desk Can Benefit a Workplace

Standing Desk If you’ve seen the BuzzFeed headquarters in Los Angeles (because you go on YouTube so often), you may have noticed that the workplace has several options for workstations. There’s a lounge where employees can be more relaxed while working on their laptops (you may even find some people lying down while working). There are also the typical office cubicles as well as rows of open workstations for their writers. Likewise, you’ll see a few tall tables where a lot of employees work standing up.

Out of all these options, the tall, bar-like tables appear to be most uncomfortable. They’re like the “last resorts” — you know,the tables you get because others beat you to the best ones. However, such tables are actually growing in popularity today. Working while standing up comes with some really cool benefits, which is why a lot of modern offices these days have standing desks for their workers.

Standing Desk

What are these benefits?

  1. A standing desk is much better for the back, especially if it’s the perfect height for the user. There’s less strain placed on the lower back because you’re not likely to slouch while working.
  2. Studies show that a person’s concentration level is much higher when he’s standing while working. Since there’s reduced comfort in a standing position, you won’t be prone to sleepiness.
  3. A standing height adjustable desk can also reduce neck pain. You can make sure that your computer monitor is perfectly at eye level. There’s no need to bend your neck forward, which creates tension at the base of the neck and the rest of the spinal column.
  4. Some studies also reveal that a stand up desk is much better to use especially after break times. A standing position can aid digestion.
  5. Likewise, a person is likely to make more and bigger movements when he’s standing up while working. It’s worthnoting as well that for standing workers to relax, they exercise instead of resting and do nothing. This can help with weight management.
  6. People who do office work standing up tend to be more productive. They react quicker and get to other places much faster. Since they’re already in a standing starting position, they can accomplish tasks in a shorter span of time.

Therefore, if you’re looking to design a workplace that’s better for your health and can improve your work output, opting for a standing desk may be the very change that can do the trick.

About the author: Chelsea Sawyer is a certified health coach. She has been helping many people in changing their behaviors to keep them focused on achieving their health and fitness goals. With great passion for writing, her hobbies include writing and sharing helpful techniques on various health topics. She visits sites like

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