baby carriers imageAn apparatus that has been primarily designed to carry babies safely, a baby carrier is said to have been inspired by the way animals carry their little ones with complete safety and security.

Types of Baby Carriers

A ring sling is a type of baby carrier that comes with a ring wrapped with two ends of a cloth and is worn by the wearer from one shoulder to the opposite hip with the baby lying in the resulting pocket. There is the pouch sling that comes with a wide piece of fabric sewn into a tube that shapes itself according to the parent’s body and is held securely. The wrap carrier is wrapped around both the parent and the baby and then tied at the side to hold the tiny tot in. There are also manufactured carriers that come with a variety of buckles and straps; a contraption that is designed to strap the baby to the body of the parent as he or she undertakes everyday activities like grocery shopping or the occasional vacuuming.

How to Pick a Baby Carrier

When choosing a carrier for your baby, ensure that it can carry weight evenly. Because if you are spending long hours carrying your baby like that it might cause backaches. You should look for a carrier that will mimic the way you hold the baby naturally to ensure that baby is also comfortable. You can also look for versatility in specific baby carriers that will let you carry a couple of baby essentials in conveniently placed pockets. You have to pay attention to material that the carrier is made of for it might become too hot or too cold for the baby depending on the weather.

How to Clean a Baby Carrier

Ideally, the baby carrier should be washed in warm, soapy water by hand and rinsed clean. You can remove detachable pieces separately and scrub the base out if there are any lasting stains. It is always good to dry the baby carriers in natural sunlight to ensure that any microbe growth is inhibited.

A variety of carriers are available online from trusted brands like MeeMee, Chicco, Nahshon, Sunbaby, Nahshon, Farlin, Advance Baby, Harry & Honey, Pigeon, Piyo Piyo, Tomy and such. You can choose according to how old your baby is and browse through collections that fit your budget.

Shopping for your baby’s needs especially after the baby is born is a real hassle – what with trying to deal with the baby’s constant need for attention added to the hassles of traffic, finding the right shop with available stock of what you want and sales people who actually add value rather than just stand there. Switch to online shopping and buy a baby carrier online from e-commerce websites which give you a wide variety of discounts and choices from top brands. Paying is easy: whip out your credit or debit card or transfer via netbanking. You can also choose the cash on delivery option. Online shopping is the key to getting things done your way right from the convenience of your couch.

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Divya Kumari is a author who is interested in writing on topics related to baby care, family & parenting tips. In this article she has explained the benefits of baby carriers, how to buy & clean a baby carriers. I am a mother of 4 years old daughter & has the hobby of traveling, meeting people & reading books related to baby care.

The New Magic Drink?

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Health Product

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a drink that helped you lose weight, that was cheap and easy to make that boosts your metabolism? Well hold that thought because there is a new recipe on the market that is claiming to do just that.

It a crazy that is sweeping the Bedford school gates’ mum collective, so I spent the last couple of nights researching, and apparently the idea isn’t new at all but has been circulating for centuries and was used by the Egyptians and other ancient civilizations! Well at least it can’t do you any harm then, right? The sensation is this: cinnamon and honey tea! I normally have honey on my porridge in the mornings anyway!

According to many online websites, honey and cinnamon collectively have great qualities about them that supposedly aid in many things, including lowering cholesterol, de-aging the skin, improving your energy levels, your mood, and clearing up unwanted spots.


All you need is cinnamon, honey and water!

  • Put 1 teaspoon of cinnamon into a mug
  • Add 230ml of boiling water
  • Cover with a tea towel for 20-25 minutes
  • Once lightly cooled, add 2 teaspoons of honey
  • Stir well
  • Drink half of the mixture
  • Cover the mug in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge overnight
  • In the morning drink the rest of the recipe

Don’t panic, it’s not going to ruin your diet – in total it is 52 calories!

Tip: Make sure that the water isn’t too hot before you add the honey as if the water is too hot then the enzymes won’t be able to breakdown the starch and work their magic.

For best results sip a cup of cinnamon tea twice a day, once before breakfast and the other about 30 minutes before you go to bed – always drink these on an empty stomach!

You can enjoy the cinnamon tea hot, cold or at room temperate, as you can reheat the cinnamon teas, as long as you haven’t added the honey!

Know the facts

On first glance I did wonder how eating honey on a regular basis is going to aid weight loss, however, during my research I found out that it is not a refined and processed sugar – it is a simple sugar which contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, all of which are good for you.

  • Honey – helps boost and speed up your metabolism which in turn helps your body burn fat.
  • Cinnamon – stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases the metabolising process of glucose, and since high blood sugar levels can lead to increased storage of fat, cinnamon helps to prevent this. It also improves insulin function, thus helping you to lose weight.

Often in supermarkets you don’t buy true cinnamon, but cassia (Chinese cinnamon bark), which is a cheap cinnamon that may contain a potentially dangerous substance called coumarin. You need to be looking to buy CEYLON cinnamon – it is slightly lighter in colour and if you are buying sticks of cinnamon you should be able to break the stick in half easily, if you can’t then you have cassia cinnamon and this should be especially avoided by pregnant women, and those with diabetes.

The results

The results from the internet say that this works for most people – inches are lost before any measurements on the scales. It seems like a quick detox, as it is said you will lose weight (anywhere between 5-25 lb.) – however, you will reach a plateau after which point you may not lose anymore. The cinnamon and honey combination cause a cleansing effect in the digestive tract, cleaning out parasites and other fungus and bacteria that slow down the digestion – causing a toxic build up. Once this is all cleaned out, the weight loss will slow down.

I’m going to try this recipe, day and night, for the next 4-6 weeks (as this is the optimum time). Hopefully even if I don’t end up losing that much weight it will make me feel better in myself, improve my health and more importantly give me more energy! Alongside this, I am still going to continue to eat healthily and exercise regularly (at my local gym, 3-4 times a week, also with my personal trainer for some sessions) and hopefully by using this combination I will see even better results than I do with healthy eating and exercise already.

Bio:Hannah loves going to Aqua fit and Zumba and enjoys eating healthily, yet isn’t immune to the occasional liquid or food treat, and can always improve her weight and health. For the extra kick up the bum she goes to her PT in Bedford at the Double Vision Conditioning Centre.













When a child enters our life, it brings a number of surprises and challenges, of course not totally unexpected. It is a time when couples are happy, excited and embark on a new chapter of their journey together. They try to raise their babies in the best way possible. They start planning for the baby and thinking about its future. Parents start dreaming about their babies growing into a fine young man or woman and achieving great things in life. However, coming back to the process of raising a baby, you have to be caring and as soft as possible because they are very sensitive.

A proper sleeping routine is one of the most important things that you should remember while raising a baby. A baby needs a good amount of sleep accompanied by a proper feeding. Though there is no particular sleeping hours for a baby, they usually sleep long hours in a day. Some might sleep for really long hours while others hardly sleep at all, but this is all perfectly normal among babies. The sign of a baby getting enough sleep is its being happy and cheerful when awake. If the baby is grumpy and unhappy while it’s awake, then it might be due to lack of sleep. Every baby has a different sleep pattern but parents should ensure that it gets sufficient sleep.

The average number of hours of sleep that babies need may differ according to their month and age. There are some sleeping problems that are associated with babies and you should help them avoid it by creating an effective schedule. Establishing good sleeping habits goes a long way in ensuring that your baby grows up happily and without any issues. Breastfeeding is important for the growth and development of the baby. It is a known fact that babies who sleep with their mothers get more amount of breastfeeding and also continue to get it for a longer time.

However, it is a better idea to let babies sleep alone to avoid sleep accidents like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which are at the greatest risk during two to three months of age. At this age it is best to let the baby sleep near the mother but separately on a cradle. This allows the baby to sleep separately in peace while the mother can also look after it.

A cradle is one of the most important things to have while raising a baby. It is basically a special bed designed for babies to sleep, from the time they are born until they grow out of infancy. The most important feature of a cradle is the safety envelope that is formed around the bed. It provides comfort, protection and freedom to the baby to enjoy its naps. Infants can also play in them as they can be decorated with toy hangers and soft toys.

There are two main types of cradles that are available in the market – stationary and portable cradles. While the stationary ones are mostly made of wood and are designed to be placed in the bedrooms, the portable ones can be moved around and are made of light metals with padding around the area that is in contact with the baby. The portable cradles are more popular nowadays due to their convenience and the useful features that accompany them.

Majority of the portable cradles are designed in such a way that you can dismantle them easily and folded, so that they do not require much space while storing. The height of these cradles can also be adjusted into different heights to suit the parents or the baby. There is also swing locking facility that allows you to keep the cradle from rocking while the baby is asleep so that it is not disturbed, and also ensures safety of the kid when you are not around. Some of them have their own mosquito nets, which are very important to keep the baby safe from mosquitoes and other insects that can harm it. The fabrics used are selected from the most baby friendly materials and you can rest assured that your baby will sleep soundly and happily in these cradles.

Some of the more trusted names in baby cradles are Mothertouch, New Natraj, Infanto and MeeMee among others. Let your child enjoy the comforts of sleeping in its own bed, independently. Lull the baby to sleep by singing sweet songs while rocking the cradle. Decorate the cradle with adorable toys and musical hangers to make it a lovely cocoon for the baby.

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Divya Kumari is a author who is interested in writing on topics related to baby care, family & parenting tips. In this article she has explained about baby sleeping & benefits of baby cradles which is a special bed designed for babies to sleep. I am a mother of 4 years old daughter & has the hobby of traveling, meeting people & reading books related to baby care.

Repetitive strain injury is a combination of repetitive movements; poor posture and the overuse of computers without taking rest breaks. It causes injury to the nerves, muscles and tendons, this can occur in the neck, wrist, arms, elbows and shoulders; which can be very serious if left. Unfortunately we all have bad habits in the way we sit, and hold the telephone and even type on the computer.


It is difficult to know what the symptoms are, however it is very important to take action as soon as possible. Early symptoms can include:

  • Mild tingling
  • Aches
  • Twinges in your neck or fingers, hands and arms

If you are suffering from any of this type of pain then don’t hesitate to go and see your doctor as ignoring this pain will only make it worse!


You need to be taking regular breaks at least every half an hour to rest, try to keep your back as straight as possible and stretching out your arms. Try hard not to hunch over your computer; your arms should be at a right angle when typing. Beware that computers and laptops force the hands into a claw position and so it’s very important to wiggle your fingers and stretch them often. Is your monitor straight in front of you to avoid glare and reflection? Is there enough room on your desk for you to use your mouse freely instead of “mouse arm” which causes stiffness, numbness and pain?

Celebrities get it too!

In 2006 Noel Edmonds suffered from repetitive strain injury because he had to keep picking up the phone on his show aired on Channel 4 game show, Deal or No Deal. His consultant has said that it must have been caused by him repeatedly answering the telephone. 

The answer

Wireless headsets are the answer! Not only does a headset help you avoid physical ailments, they also increase your work productivity. Many studies have proved that instead of holding phone frees up a hand and can improve your productivity by 43%!

Did you know that headsets will reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on your shoulder? By using it as a part of your daily routine it will make your work routine easier, improve your posture and on top of this you will feel more active and refreshed at the end of the day.

Health benefits

1. Improved posture:

Improved posture can cause less pain as your posture is instantly improved.

2. Higher productivity:

A handset not only practices safer ergonomics, it also can reduce stress by increasing your productivity.

3. You can move:

By using a telephone handset, it creates mobility whilst being able to roam over 400 feet. Even if you walk around the office and grab a coffee with the noise cancelling technology!

Obviously it can be a worry that a headset isn’t healthy and that it can even causer something as harmful as cancer. The facts are that the frequency is so low that it has been proven to be safe. Both doctors and scientist have deemed wireless headset safe for all consumers and no links to any type of cancer have been made.

Bio: Business owner, marketing expert and writer Karen James has always been conscious of her business calls and as her businesses have grown she has sought guidance from one of the best phone answering services; 1stResponse,  experts in their field. When Karen is reassured her business calls are taken care of, she likes nothing better than long walks with her dogs or weekends by the sea with her grandchildren.

Blackheads on Nose

Blackheads on Nose

Blackheads are not really a product of the dirt that you failed to wash out from your face. Just like other acne problems, this is a condition that is caused by the clogging of pores in your nose area. You would easily determine that you have blackheads when you see the dark spots in the surface of your nose.

There are different factors that can cause blackheads. Here are the most common ones:

  • The products that you apply in your face. There are some products that can cause the clogging of pores that can then lead to the presence of dark spots in your nose. These products are usually those that come with artificial fragrance and color. You have to understand that the nose is one of the parts of the face where most of the oil is secreted. This is the reason why clogging of pores may often occur in the area.
  • Hormonal changes. There is a certain period in your life when your hormones are affecting not only your emotions and the way you perceive things but also the condition of your skin. For women who are on their early adulthood, acne and other conditions like blackheads are at its peak. This happens around age twenty. With this, the best thing that you can do is to avoid the activities and the food that can worsen the condition.
  • Sweat and makeup. This is something that you cannot avoid especially when you are the type of person who has a very active lifestyle. There are different activities that can make you perspire. When you workout, sweat will surely be evident all over your body. And what can make the situation worse is when you are wearing make up. The combination of sweat and make up can cause the clogging of pores and will then be a reason why a blackhead is going to be developed in the nose.
  • Some medicines that you take. There are other factors that are hard to avoid because they are part of the things that you use to make yourself healthy. There are some medicines that can cause this condition and that include estrogen, steroids, phenytoin and testosterone.
  • Oily food consumption. The food that you eat can also be one of the culprits that cause blackheads. This is the reason why you need to check the content of the food that you are eating before consuming it.

Now that you are already aware about the different factors that may cause blackheads, you have to know that this condition can be treated and avoided. Here are some of the most important points on how to get rid of blackheads on nose:

  • Washing the face. You have to make sure that you are washing your face twice a day in order to lessen the amount of oil and dirt that can linger in your skin. You should not forget to wash your face after a long day of wearing makeup.
  • Choose your food. One of the causes that are listed above is the consumption of oily food. You have to avoid eating this type of food and focus on fresh and natural food like vegetable and fruits instead. This will not only help you avoid the clogging of pores but will also help you maintain a healthy skin.
  • Choose the products you use. When you are putting cream or lotion on your face, make sure that you are choosing the product with lesser oil. And you should also consider cleaning up your face before going to bed.
  • Use facial cleanser. There are helpful products that can relieve you from this condition. All you need to do is to ask the help of the dermatologist for you to know the perfect facial cleanser that you can use for your face.
  • Choose the best facial cleaner. Make sure that you are getting the perfect one because this product may cause irritation if your skin is very sensitive.
  • Consider light makeup. When you are going out, you should consider a not so heavy makeup to avoid irritation in the skin that may be the reason for you to have clogged pores.
  • Clean your face. You can use tissue to wipe your face and your nose in order to avoid clogging because of excess oil in the skin.

With the preventive measures that are given above, cleanliness is the best idea that can help you get away from having a blackhead.

When we were kids, losing a tooth was not a big deal. We used to get assurance from people around us that, losing a tooth is normal and pretty soon we will have a new one, filling the gap. In our younger years, tooth loss was n

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

atural as it replaced the baby teeth with permanent teeth. As an adult, however, losing one or several of our permanent teeth is certainly undesirable. Why would anyone want to lose his or her permanent teeth? The unfortunate fact, however, is that sometimes a tooth extraction or forcefully removing a tooth is necessary.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Permanent teeth are meant to last for a lifetime; however, there are a few serious reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary. One very common reason for tooth extraction includes a tooth that is very badly damaged, from decay or trauma, and cannot be repaired. Some other reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Infection: If tooth decay spreads to the pulp(the center part of the tooth, comprising tissues and cells), germs present in the mouth can enter the pulp, leading to oral infection. To cure this, dentists often provide root canal treatment. If, however, the infection is too serious that even root canal treatment cannot cure it, then tooth extraction is the only way to inhibit the spread of infection.
  • Crowded mouth:Dentists sometimes extract teeth to prepare or ready the mouth for orthodontic treatment. The aim of orthodontic treatment is to align the misaligned teeth; however, the dentist may not be able to provide the treatment ifsome teeth are unusually big in your mouth. Therefore, dentists will extract the big teeth in order to align other teeth properly.
  • Gum Disease:Gum disease or periodontal disease infects the bones and tissues that support the teeth. This disease often causes loosening of teeth, which may require extraction.

Tooth Extraction Process

For tooth extraction, your dentist is the right person you should visit. Before the extraction process begins, your dentist will provide you anesthetic in the form of injection. He or she will inoculate a local anesthetic on the area surrounding the tooth that needs to be removed.The purpose of this is to numb that area. If more than one tooth needs extraction, your dentist may use a strong anesthetic. Your dentist may also give you sedatives, through either medication or IV (intravenous), to ease your anxiety. These anesthetics and sedatives will prevent pain and make you sleep through the entire procedure.

For tooth extraction, your dentist will cut-away the gum and bone tissue of the damaged tooth. Then, using dental forceps, he or she will grip the tooth and in a gentle manner, loosen it from the jawbone that holds it in place. For an impacted tooth, your dentist will sometimes need to remove it in pieces.

After the extraction, a blood clot normally forms in the socket of the extracted tooth. Your dentist will place a gauze into the tooth socket and tell you bite down on it. This is to help stop the oozing blood. The dentist, sometimes, will also place a few stitches (self-dissolving stitches) to seal the gum edges over the extraction spot.


Following the tooth extraction procedure, your dentistwill send you to your home to recuperate. It normally takes a few days for the recovery. Here are certain things that can help reduce discomfort, reduce any risk of infection, and quick recovery.

  • Take prescribed medication regularly.
  • Firmly, yet gently bite the gauze that your dentist has placed over the tooth socket. It helps control bleeding and permits a clot to form properly in the socket. Before it is completely soaked with blood, change the gauze.
  • After the procedure, immediately apply some ice to the jaw (to the portion outside tooth extraction spot). It will keep down the swelling. Apply ice for no more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Following the extraction, relax for at least 24 hours. Further, limit your activity for the next couple of days.
  • Try not to rinse or spit forcefully for the entire day after the procedure. This will prevent dislodging of the clot, which forms inthe tooth socket.
  • Next day after the extraction, rinse your mouth with a cup of warm water that has 1/2 a teaspoon salt, added.
  • Do not smoke. It will inhibit healing.
  • Eat only soft foods for the next 2 days. Later, as the extraction spot heals, you can start consuming solid foods.
  • Continue your routine brushing and flossing; however, be sure to avoid the extraction spot. This will help prevent infection.

When the anesthesia wears off, it is normal to feel some pain. For about 24 hours after the tooth extraction, expect some swelling and residual bleeding. If, however, the pain or bleeding is severe for more than 4 hours after tooth extraction, call your dentist. You must also call your dentist if you experience any of the following:

  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Shortness of breath, cough, or chest pain
  • Excessive swelling or redness in the affected area
  • Signs of infection, including chills and fever

If your tooth is badly damaged and cannot be repaired, it is wise to get it removed. This will prevent the other teeth coming in harm’s way. If you are in Carlisle, PA, Flenniken Family Dentistry (well-known dentists in Pennsylvania) can help with tooth extraction. They are licensed, experienced, and have all the latest tools and equipment to provide a comprehensive dental care. Dentists at Flenniken Family Dentistry even utilize sedation dentistry that enables pain free dental treatments. Whether it is tooth extraction or any other general or cosmetic dental treatment, at Flenniken Family Dentistry, you can expect an exceptional level of care and attention.

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Katherine Morgan is a professional writer and passionate guest author.  Shewrites article on different topic such provide information about cosmetic dentist, Sedation Dentistry, Dentures, Tooth Extraction, and other dental care treatments.

baby wipes

baby wipes

Wet wipes are a piece of wet cloth or paper and are infused with lotion or sanitizers. Most wet wipes are individually packed and are folded. They are technically used for cleaning purposes and are extremely useful for day-to-day purposes. The concept of baby wipes are also developed from the idea of wet wipes and are in greatly in demand by mothers of infants and toddlers. Rejecting the notion that baby wipes can be used only on babies, we go on to explore how else and where else wipes can be used to their complete benefit.

1.) However, what is interesting to note is that the versatility offered by baby wipes make them, an instant go-to choice for cleaning almost anything in and around the house. Starting with the fact that a baby’s bottom is gentle and prone to rashes, baby wipes are an instant option as they not only effectively clean poop, they also contain mild lotion so that your baby’s skin is moisturized in the process. Apart from their handling their bowel movements effectively, wipes are also an excellent tool to remove vomit stains, either from clothes or from your skin. The unpleasant odor left behind is instantly removed if used immediately.

2.) Moving on from baby-specific uses, there are also hundreds of other uses for baby wipes. Now this should make women sit up and take notice as baby wipes are great for wiping thick eye makeup, foundation, rouge and lipstick stains, either from skin or from clothes. Therefore, it’s always suggested that you carry a small pack of baby wipes in your kitty bag for all those last minute emergencies or just before you wish to freshen up from old makeup residue. If you’re wondering how safe baby wipes are, you don’t have to ponder the implications as baby wipes are always safe, tested and hygienic because they need to be primarily used against your little one’s fragile and delicate soft skin. Therefore, if wipes are harmless against babies, they are certainly skin and product friendly too.

3.) Baby wipes are extremely useful when you wish to get rid of dust covered layers, grime, oil, sand, residue from liquid substances either from your wooden, steel surfaces or from your own hands. This is specially useful when you need to clean your computer screen, the keypad and the mouse which tend to accumulate dirt quicker than usual. A pack of baby wipes can also be kept on the dashboard of your car as they can effectively remove oil from the steering wheel, handles and seat belts. Any food spillage in the car can also be cleaned with wipes. When you’re heading outdoors, you can easily remove dirt from your non-leather or non-suede shoes and ash flakes on your clothes. And if you’re specifically the type who obsesses over cleanliness in public toilets, baby wipes can be used to clean the handles, the light switch toggle and face plate. Most importantly, dry baby wipes are useful if you discover, much to your horror, that the loo has no toilet paper.

4.) In the kitchen, baby wipes come in handy for anything ranging from unsightly tea splatters, as a faucet cleaner, removing cobwebs that accumulate on broom bristles, stains on the ceramic tile floors, grime buildup on cabinet doors and beet juice stains. Before having a meal, baby wipes are an effective tool to clean up the surface such as tables or seats. In any instance, dry baby wipes can also be used as the same way paper towels are used such as dinner napkins or as after meal tissues. Wipes are also extremely functional when you have huge parties and need to clean up afterwards. Spilt juice, glitter on surfaces, party foam spray from clothes and hair, makeup and food stain removal from cloth, crayon marks on the wall by kids and marker imprints. With a pack of dry or wet baby wipes in your bag, you’ll never be disappointed for carrying it around, especially if you are a cleanliness freak and always on the move. Believe it, they’re handy and almost vital in your kitty bag.


I Divya Kumari is a author who is interested in writing on topics related to baby care, family & parenting tips. In this article I have explained common uses of baby wipes. I am a mother of 4 years old daughter & enjoys reading, writing, socializing and traveling.